There is something very wrong with the world today

I woke up today and felt a bit depressed when I learnt about what the hell was going on in our world today.

Things are not right in Thailand and India. Bangkok and Mumbai are places I’ve been to several times for work & play, and they’re places that I saw beauty in. Not just the place, that consists of buildings and such… but the people too.

If you read the news today, the international Thai airport is closed by protestors urging strongly for political changes. Now travellers at the airport can’t leave for home, to be back with their loved ones. This reminds me of the recent Phuket incident that happened just a few months back.

We were in the Phuket international airport slated to fly back just the day before my full-day VANILLA photoshoot and two hours after our plane left the runway, a mob of protestors stormed the place and held everyone hostage also because of political unrest. They had a statement to make, so what better than to do that so the world listens?

I was quite shakened, coming back to Singapore, and realizing what an amazing close shave it was. It wasn’t something I really wanted to talk about much because it just made me realize how vulnerable life really is. I could have been one of the many stuck there, unable to come home and feeling clueless & angry at the unexpectantcy of what was going on.

Even worse, there’s mindless violence happening in Mumbai, India today… and according to Channel News Asia, there’s a Singaporean taken hostage by the terrorists. Please, let’s pray for the safety of those in danger right now and that no harm comes their way.

Whatever happened to world peace?



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2 responses to “There is something very wrong with the world today

  1. angel

    Thank goodness you left the airport then, before the riots. The world is indeed sick. 😦 So many riots, so many terrorists acts, all for some ideology. Couldn’t they use a better way to resolve it?

  2. Aaron

    these people are extemists who have a different logic system. these people are fortunately the minority.. i guess we can only bear with it.

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