Food for thought…

“Being more successful means becoming more of who you are capable of being. Each of us defines for ourselves what it means to be more successful.”

This meaningful book was just given to me by a close friend and I thought I’d share a bit about it, because I really enjoyed the wonderful read!

I’ve read some of the writer’s other books like ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ and as a kid, I noticed his book ‘The One Minute Manager’ sitting in my dad’s study… ‘The Present’ is Spencer Johnson’s latest book and is something useful for both your personal and professional life.

To basically sum it up, one single but strong concept runs through the pages of this extremely easy-to-read book. It reminds me of the Buddhist philosophy… to learn from the past, to be and enjoy the present and to plan and prepare for the future.

In essence, the present is really the best thing you can give yourself & you mold it with your own two hands. It’s a lot of self-realization about focus, a conscious decision on being right there – in the moment, and a whole lot of other things *grin*

This modern day parable is only about a hundred pages long so it can read in a day or less, but it’s filled with gems of wisdom and is something I’d recommend, because the simple truth is that most of us have forgotten the secret of being happy along the way… as the years roll by and we get bogged down with responsibilities and other ‘grown-up’ worries.

Check it out when time allows… this little book is an absolute keeper!


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  1. Aaron

    it seems that you really love books. and really good books too. and good books can really teach a lot sometimes.

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