Magic @ the Singapore Science Centre

In case you aren’t already aware, from now till next year, the Singapore Science Centre is having an exhibition about magic… it’s wholly imported from America and the exhibit’s really worth a check out!

Truthfully, I’m not so hot honestly about the magic demonstrators (note – they are NOT magicians) and their rather lackluster approach in the revelation of very simple tricks… the demonstrator actually screwed up the classic 21 card trick but waved it off as saying that it was a 50-50 chance thing. Okaaaaay…

It’s the imported exhibits which is all about the clever science and psychology behind magic, that’s really cool. Since magic utilizes many different scientific concepts, the centre had various booths to cater to that differentiation accordingly.

Well known performers like Penn & Teller, Goldfinger & Dove, Max Maven, Jade, and more also lent their presence! IMHO, it’s very educational for laymen and magic enthusiasts. Pam & I had a really enjoyable time there but didn’t realise the place closed at 6pm sharp… even on a Sunday! Geez… shouldn’t they extend hours especially during the holiday season?

The two of us girls managed to see just about everything but I’d loved to soak it up more and study the panels of information they had along all corners. I love history, it’s just so rich! Check out some of the photos we took today…

Bodyless Ning is kept alive by special life-giving tubes! I suppose it kinda sucks if you get a sudden itch on your nose…

Information galore! These interesting factboards about the history of magic are a must read. They also had looped commentaries at each booth. I won’t spoil it for you by dishing out too much details, it’s something you should find out for yourselves!

The centre closes at 6pm, so we checked out the store just before leaving and was I glad we did! I found some really funky stuff which I’d read about before and wanted to buy them online but they unfortunately didn’t ship them overseas.

What am I talking about? Well, it’s ASTRONAUT FOOD!!!!

No kidding… freeze-dried ice-cream in different flavors! *grin* is that cool, or is that cool? okay that’s really a trick question cos freeze-dried ice-cream is at room temperature and isn’t chilled so it’ss not very cool. Hurhurhur.

Anyways! Pam & I shared a pack as we drove out, and it’s really interesting. It’s acquired taste I suppose, because I’ve never tasted anything quite like it! I’m so bringing some for the guys at work tomorrow

Oh man… Monday comes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too soon!!!!!


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  1. Han Xiang

    Thanks Ning! I love history and magic. Now both history and magic are offered, I have to go and check it out.

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