Cages and chains… Magic and mayheim

We are so totally on a roll… after our two Ultimate Magic illusion shows at The Arena @ Clarke Quay this evening, J C & I headed down to Orchard Hotel for FAS’s biggest event of the year which had a host of VIPs and celebrities.

Other performers and thespians that graced the star-studded night were local household names like Irene Ang, Jean Danker, Tay PingHui, Joanne Peh, the Muttons from 987FM and more…

I’ve been training hard for tonight’s finale act… an extremely challenging escape which sees a redux of the impalement cage, but this time around, I’m all strapped up in my  regulation straight jacket and given a single paperclip… kept in my mouth, Houdini-style!

With only 90 seconds to get out alive before the steel spikes slammed down from above, I was reeeeeeally struggling at the last few moments to get the hell out of my confinements. Gawd. It was SERIOUSLY close because I almost couldn’t get out in time.

In panic, I hurled myself off the cage and landed on the floor… cat-like but still not as glaamourous as I’d like. *LOL* Check out the pictures below of some of the illusions we performed on stage tonight…

J C does some mean fire eating before presenting our latest stage illusion, Crystal Appearance…

In a split second, yours truly magically appears from within the see-thru acrylic box…

After receiving hearty applause from the audience, J C & I launched into the next act…

Modern Art aka Vertical Sawing, sees me cut my boss in half on stage… and put him back after!

Audience participation is what we do best… it’s always fun to get the happy crowd involved!

Next up, J C does a wicked levitation piece with antique furniture that made the crowd gasp!

I know I’m all smiles but trust me… my pulse was racing in anticipation of the grand finale!

J C & I give an introduction of what I’ll be doing next, as the fellas get things ready on stage…

The regulation straightjacket is made of rugged canvas, leather straps and metal buckles…

I’m all strapped up securely before the 900+ pair of eyes watching…

The cage was specially altered to fit on stage because the one I used on 5 July, wouldn’t have been able to fit!

I’m all shackled and chained up, with the arm straps to last to go – snug, tightly, against my chest…

Once I was completely tied up and chained down, J C passed me the single paperclip that I would use to get myself out of the locks and shackles… and the timer went off… 90 seconds was all I had and there wasn’t a moment to lose!

Getting out of the regulation straightjacket was especially tricky, especially since I couldn’t make too drastic movements due to the low-hanging spikes above my head…

After getting out of the straightjacket (now bunched around my waist), I had to swiftly shape the paperclip and start lock-picking, as the seconds trickled down…

The thick steel chains got tangled around the material from my straighjacket and I grappled with getting it off me else I’d be stuck… not what I’d want when the spikes go crashing down at the automated 90s mark!

I barely made it in time, leaping off the cage a fraction of a second before the timer hit 90 seconds, triggering the spikes to be released and it came crashing down loudly. OH MY GOD. It was such a close shave and I was seriously shaking! My microphone batt pack got disentangled from the fall and I had to take a moment to compose myself on stage before  we said our final goodbye and thank yous to the adoring audience who showed their hearty appreciation, which made it all worth it.

Man… what a crazy night. Check out J C’s blog for the rest of the photos and more here!



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2 responses to “Cages and chains… Magic and mayheim

  1. Aaron

    looks like a great show as usual! but i don’t think it’s a good idea using the impalement cage.. it’s way too dangerous..

  2. Jack

    i think you should not have done impalement cage again.. some things are better left done once.. i feel that the impalement cage is one of them.

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