Magic Babe caricature by Welles

Welles Tan is a very talented caricature buddy of mine who I was first introduced to by veteran magician, Uncle Bob, an advisor to Magic Boutique. FYI, Uncle Bob is also THE man we always introduce people to whenever we get serious inquiries about one-on-one magic lessons.

Anyways. Welles the sweetheart just did this really wonderful piece of art for me today… ain’t it just SWEEEEET!!!! *grin* Wow… thank you Welles!!!! This is a really awesome caricature and I love it to bits seriously. It’s just SO cool…

There I am, I’m in my current Magic Babe costume and boots. Plus, it’s even got my fire stick, my magic linking coat hangers, and my Japanese sais…

What’s even cooler seriously, is the fact that he gave my caricature a much deeeeeeeeper cleavage than in real life. Wuahahahahahahaaaa… Hey, I’m not complaining!

Welles can be reached direct at wellessx(at) if you need his services. Please don’t spam the man!!!



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9 responses to “Magic Babe caricature by Welles

  1. Wow! That’s cool to see this drawing here! Thought you had add high marks to me, heehee! I am not that good yet la, still having lots to learn, thanks uncle Nob as well for the recommendation.

    Anyway…after read your comment, now I must sing :” I believe I can fly….” heehee! Muah muah 🙂

    Of course, wish you business getting even better and better!!! You will be the legend!


  2. Jack

    oh man, that’s a really cool drawing! i wish i could draw like that! is it possible to find Welles to draw a picture of me?

  3. William

    i’ve seen people drawing these, but i’ve never paid much attention to them. i guess they are talented, but it’s really hard to be the special one amongst them who has got the special thing.. i certainly hope this art doesn’t die out though..

  4. Yeah I saw that drawing on Facebook, I truly agree that Welles is a truly talented caricature artist! I’ve seen drawings like these a few times before… I’d like to think of you more like the Marvel comic character Elektra Natchios 🙂

  5. lawrence

    no tanat no, ning is more like rogue, from X-Men. Carefree and able to hold her own, as well as their personalities, they click more dont you think! 😀

  6. stevie

    the artist have really captured the essence of your eyes ning, Welles nice job sir! 🙂

  7. clerence

    nahhh ning i disagree! he didnt give it a deeper cleavage, in real life yours is already like that! 🙂 As would all male admirers like myself will attest to that.

  8. Jack

    hey cool! if i’ve got any party requiring entertainment, i would want to book you and him! that’ll be a super cool party!

  9. Aaron

    is it drawn on the spot? i always loved looking at those artists drawing at the side of the road in the pasa malams, drawing with a piece of charcoal.. it’s like so cool la!

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