Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals…

Time flies!!!! In between business meetings, media interviews and show performances, J C and I have been extremely busy & working hard on a few new illusions. In fact, now’s the busiest period for EVERYONE at Concept:Magic, Mighty Magic Factory, as well as, Magic Boutique.

As the end of the year and festive holidays approach, my show booking schedule from now till the end of the year’s really packed and just glancing at it already makes my heart skip a beat. Gulp. I guess it’s really great that everyone wants a piece of me, I suppose… It’s full steam ahead!!!!

Crystal Striptease, which is J C’s latest addition to his illusion sales website ( for professional stage workers, is simply GORGEOUS! The first brand new set got delivered to our magic studio in the wee hours of this morning, just around midnight. Larry & the workshop guys did a fabulous job.

I personally feel that the pictures don’t do it justice… they’re taken by J C using my digital camera and I guess God is fair. The man is no talented photographer, but he’s seriously damn good at what he does. LOL. Here’s a sneak peek, before we post a video of it later…

Something random here, but still connected anyway, because it’s about magic… well, okay… specifically, a well-known magician in particular. The guys at work pointed out a particular internet discussion  thread in a popular magic forum, which has a whole bunch of magicians bashing Criss Angel online!

If you’re interested in this frivilious time-waster, feel free to read the 2 page magic forum thread here. You don’t have to be a magician to understand what’s going on because it’s just so clear and simple – sadly, it’s such a human thing really… what am I talking about? you guessed it. JEALOUSY.

As you know, while I respect how far he has gotten in his career, I’m no fan girl. But I honestly don’t think these emo Criss Angel haters can ever admit it to themselves (that they’re jealous) since it’s not easy to be perfectly honest with yourself for some things.

Seriously… why do these bo-liao magicians care damn so much about who/ what Criss Angel dates, says, does or thinks? The man is also human and yes – he’s the current magic flavor in showbiz, so deal with it!!! Don’t waste time feeling bitter… go work on polishing up your own magic lah!!!



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3 responses to “Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals…

  1. Aaron

    nice boxes.. are they made of crystal? i guess not.. it’ll be too heavy if it’s made of crystal..

  2. William

    man, those people in the forum really hate criss angel.. haha.. i agree with you ning, they should rather spend their time practising. i’m looking forward to see your new illusion.. do show the video asap!

  3. OMG isn’t Criss Angel dating Holly Madison who totally dumped Hugh Hefner because he didn’t want to have kids with her? Ooooooo! Hahahahahha

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