The little things that make me happy…

Today was a horribly accident-prone day… with me getting a nasty gash and buruise on my right forearm, as well as, an extremely painful muscle bruise on my right sole that left my foot swollen It’s been a long time since I got hurt, but still!

During the last show tonight, I lost my balance and  footing, resulting in me tottering off the top of our tall acrylic substitution trunk, amidst the startled screams of the ladies in the crowd. Bad things happen, but at the end of it all, it’s really all about recovery.

So, falling off the top of the tall prop, I somehow managed to land gracefully still on both feet, but the impact from the hard floor left the balls of my feet hurting like heck. I’d over-compensated the weight distribution on my right side especially, and trust me, gravity is not your best friend from a great height.

The show must go on, so I quickly found my wits and climbed up the steps again, to execute the illusion and finish up the entire show. Every step I walked was really excruciating and I was seriously concerned that I’d killed a few tiny blood vessels with the impact. At least it wasn’t a sprain, I guess…


But anyways, I found wonderful comfort in some sweeeeeeeeeeeeet things that arrived in the mail, when I reached home. Online shopping really rocks. I’m so happy these babies finally arrived! Woohoo… check it out!

As you know, I really love fire spinning so I had to get the latest Circles of Light DVD, which features some of the best fire artists in the world. There’s also a brand new staff manipulation DVD I ordered, which teaches some seriously kick@ss moves with a mean fire stick!

And then, there’s this very special gadget from Bandai… all the way from the land of the rising sun… JAPAN!!! It looks like a mere ordinary keychain but oh no, no, no, no, no… do not be decieved by its unassuming appearance because it is SO much more. Batteries included.

Puchi Puchi has many buttons on it because it’s supposed to emulate bubble wrap. Yes. Bubble wrap. People with OCD like me can press the buttons and hear them ‘pop’ just like bubble wrap – and every 100th pop comes a random sound like a dog barking, a cat meow, etc. YOU JUST DONT WANNA STOP!!!!

It’s just so shiok… it’s reeeeeeeeeeeeally addicitve, I swear!!!!!! *satisfied sigh* I will take it everywhere I go now. To work. To the library. To lunch. To the toliet. Ok I gotta go, my Puchi Puchi beckons!



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8 responses to “The little things that make me happy…

  1. Jack

    oh my god, they actually have such a product? i think i’ll go buy one too! i love to squeeze those air bubbles too. wahaha..

  2. Aaron

    are the buttons the same feeling as the bubble wrap? i used to like popping those bubbles last time, but i think i’ve grown out of it. it’s interesting that there are such inventions in the world..

  3. wendy

    does the bubble wrap thing cost alot? if i had that, i’ll probably know all of the random sounds by the end of one day, due to my overcompulsiveness… but, haha, pretty cute la ning.

  4. ian

    the show must go on is a true saying for any performer, therefore ning you are a true-blue showperson now! haha. be careful though, we wouldnt want a pretty lady like you to hurt yourself too bad now would we?

  5. hunwei

    The true sign of a professional comes when things like these happen. “Whatever it is, the show must go on.” I guess this mantra goes for all lines of the entertainment business. You have my deepest respect and admiration. But please still, take care of yourself and be careful always!

  6. William

    OMG! puchi puchi! my girlfriend loves that.. she’ll pop it all the time, just to irritate me.. haha..

  7. tiffany

    could you tell me where to get this puchi puchi toy?? im looking for it but i just dont know where):

  8. ning

    Hi hi… i bought it online, just google ‘puchi puchi’ and you’ll find a whole bunch of overseas stores retailing it!

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