Following your personal legend

Lunch at Brewerks this glorious rainy afternoon was with Boon, Choo & Ivan. I haven’t seen them in ages, since weeks ago at the recent Oktoberfest & Choo, I bumped into last week when I was shopping at Zara in Ngee Ann City. The 4 of us have been friends for almost a decade, isn’t that wonderful?

Boon just came back from a relaxing Phuket holiday and on the flight, she spotted yours truly in their inflight magazine. If you haven’t already, read here about my splash in Tiger Tales.

Ivan & Choo are as loving as ever, always making fun of each other throughout the course of our 2 hour lunch! The lovebirds had the two singles at the table (Boon & yours truly) tsk-ing with a smile as we shook our heads in quiet observation. Ah, LOVE!!! *grin*

I had to leave at 4pm to prep for the first Ultimate Magic show at Clarke Quay but it was really fabulous meeting up with them – it was my belated birthday lunch and I’m so touched that they remembered, because I’m personally CRAP with remembering dates. I’m just not your typical girl who gets sentimental and all…

Anyways, in between shows at The Arena, I was poking around my laptop and checking out Paulo Coelho’s regularly updated website. Warrior of the Light Online is the place where this talented writer shares his philosophical thoughts and findings. I found most of his entries to be good food for thought, especially what he wrote about following your personal legend.

There is much truth in what he shared about daring  to take risks, being truthful to yourself, reading signs, folowing your intuition and not being afraid to change your mind. For me, being happy is a choice. Bad things happen to everybody, it’s how you deal with it. The only person who can make things happen is… YOU.

The entire portal can be read in English, as well as, a variety of other languages like Russian, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese… so do check it out when time allows. Seriously, the various essays are definitelty worth a read!



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5 responses to “Following your personal legend

  1. Aaron

    wow, are all you always in contact with your friends? i’ve lost contact with most of my secondary school friends although it’s been less than 10 years since i graduated. man, that gets me really nostalgic..

  2. norman

    “daring to take risks, being truthful to yourself, reading signs, folowing your intuition and not being afraid to change your mind.”

    Sadly ning, its not the same for the rest of us normal people. Its tough to follow your dreams when you have responsibilities like family and stuff. but props to you for following your dream and making it happen. 🙂

  3. ning

    Norman, I truly beg to differ. Everyone starts off ordinary but you only become extraordinary when you choose to make things happen.

    Only YOU have the power to make changes in YOUR life & everyone has responsibilities like you mentioned. It’s when you believe so very much in something that you DESIRE for it so much, the universe will make things happen.

    If you know what you want, work at it. Don’t give up on your dreams!

  4. Jack

    it is difficult, but it is not impossible. everyone has dreams, and it is how you work towards your dream that makes all the difference. many people give up their dreams cos they are afraid they’ll fall during the process.

  5. Aaron

    hey norman, there is no such thing as normal people or abnormal people. i agree that sometimes responsibilities may cause you to deviate from your dreams, but it can never stop you from reaching it. you might take a longer route, but you can still achieve the same dream if you give your all for it.

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