International magicians who inspire…

I know I always rave about Copperfield & Tenko but there are other really fabulous stage pros out there who I are so tremendously in love with… grand illusion & stage magic’s not just the tricks or the props – only uneducated laymen and retarded small time magicians would assume that.

There’s just SO much more to it, people have no idea. Anyways, here’s a couple of illusionists that I truly admire…

Hans Klok from Holland is extremely talented and personally, I think just about every second rate wannabe has tried to emulate him and some of his key signature acts (windshear, suspended animation, etc.) to a T. Painfully because as anyone knows, nothing beats the original because the man’s simply THE BEST at what he does.

The Amazing Jonathan entertains me. He really does. This crazy Las Vegas performer is truly a character and his comic ingenuity is very refreshing. Of course prudes would take offense at every thing this entertainer does on stage, so yes… while I love his daring wit, I know this totally in-your-face magician is not everyone’s cuppa tea.

The bad boys of magic, Penn and Teller, are truly my all-time fave American magic duo. These wacky guys are simply brilliant and while others have to tried so very hard to copy what they do, they’d never achieve what the multi-gifted duo’s achieved over the years. The talented veterans have also been TV hosts, amongst other things.

And of course, award-winning UK magician, Wayne Dobson, who’s certainly got many skills (the gift of gab, wicked sleight of hand, and then some!) and is always a joy to watch. Check out the video above which was taken quite a while back before multiple sclerosis confined him to a wheelchair.

But still, my all time favorite guy is David Copperfield during his hey days in the 90s. He was way before his time, a true visionary and an incredible inspiration. As a teenager I actually had a poster of him levitating an upside down glass of milk and sporting a really sexy milk moustache in a ‘Got Milk?’ ad campaign. Check this out for some good old DC interactive magic…



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7 responses to “International magicians who inspire…

  1. jamie

    ning!! the david copperfield one i try like 3 times, always end on the moon lor. there is like a certain mathematics to it rightt. but first time i do totally got me stunned man..

  2. Lawrence

    thanks for sharing these videos, and ning your taste in magic is very amazing lah.. the penn and teller video hahahaha. bloody funny la! cup and balls…hahahaha THERE’S A POTATO!!

  3. Lawrence

    ahaahahahah, sorry i comment again, but the wayne dobson is damn damn funny!!!! lol he more of a stand up comedian lor!! hahaha. just the start of the show i already laughing like crazy

  4. wendy

    wow omg wow. i was a bit lazy to watch the videos at first but hans klok is amazing! his illusions have really, really got me amazed. so fast paced yet the audience totally gets it. what a magician!! omg! ning thanks for sharing, such a great magician

  5. Aaron

    at first glance i thought the first video was a female magician.. :$ these magicians are great, but jc sum and you are just as good! i’m sure both of you are as good as any of them!

  6. Jack

    i’ve never seen the magician in the 4th video before, but he’s awesome! man, i really don’t know much about these magicians.. thanks for sharing ning!

  7. Aaron

    i just realised the mind trick done by david copperfield doesn’t always work.. or did i do it wrongly? hmm.. did anyone else end up on the card that’s taken away?

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