Meeting the Queenies after work…

My darling Nats is finally back from her glorious three week long vacation to Europe (her 2nd honeymoon!) so the bunch of us gathered for a hearty catch-up of dinner and drinks after work yesterday. It’s just so fabulous to meet-up again!!!

I was again the last to arrive (Zann couldn’t make it) because there was an event at The Arena and we started our show, Ultimate Magic, a tad later than usual. It was a great show anyways, the audience was truly rocking *grin*

Dinner + dessert was at NYDC & we later hopped over for drinks at Hotel Continental’s very cosy lounge before finally calling it a night after hours of catching up. I so LURVE my wonderful girlfriends… the Queenies are my rock

I’m really so proud of them… Spanky lost an amazing 6kg in just a month and has never looked sexxxier in her Goth Queen way. Mabes is following her heart, doing what she wants to do & Nats is just simply radiating with love. Luke is just so good for (and to!) her.

Check out the photos of the zany bunch…

Spanky (sexy Goth with a zesty sense of style),  yours truly (the "unconventional one" as they all call me), Mabes (urban fashionista!) & Nats (aka N1… the married one)!

I totally love Spanky’s boots… I don’t see me/Magic Babe ever wearing them but they’re just so totally Marilyn Manson… yum!

…Naturally high, on air…. and totally hamming it up for the camera…


PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things got so wild, I simply had to flee the war zone…

Spanky & I just couldn’t decide who was the more viciously violent one, so it was a tie. But of course…

Nats was telling me how so very sure she was that I’d love London when I fly there next year… Woot!!!

The Hans…

Something really sweet from Luke & Nats for me, from Ballys. Thanks you guys!!!

Yummy chocolates all around… mine was gone in less than 24 hours!

Chocoholics unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest, I was really exhausted after a loooooooong day & as some of you may be aware, my work schedule’s pretty crazy. Meeting the Queenies really gave me a huge perk up!

The girls weren’t surprised however, that Singapore’s only professional female magician is all booked out from now tilll the year end without a single day off – Believe it, even my Sundays are swamped!!! *pout*

What keeps me/ Magic Babe sane is really a couple of wonderful people in my life who love me and do not judge me… as well as, my fire staff spinning at night. That really helps me unwind.

I find great solace in doing my contact staff twirls and intricate spins under the watchful stars of the beautiful night sky, allowing the cool night breeze to embrace me, when I’m with Athena AKA Red.

It’s meditative and amidst all the craziness that life throws at you, quiet time is just so important. This is what keeps me sane.



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7 responses to “Meeting the Queenies after work…

  1. Conan

    Friends really make our day, don’t they? Sometimes all it takes is a word, a call, an email, a drink or a meetup with them and everything seems to brighten up so much.

  2. Zhixiang82

    Glad that you have got people in your life to bolster you when you have such a crazy schedule. Busy is good! But you should take care of your health too…

  3. xavier

    Ning, how is a guy ever going to ask you out, being so busy like that! A pretty lady like you should have some time off for yourself, especially for your love life! lord knows you deserve it..or maybe magic babe is secretly dating some lucky dude with no one knowing..

  4. wendy

    grats on still being able to keep in close terms with your good friends even after growing up and working on your career and all. just do remember that friends are very important for your life ning, especially since you are a self-proclaimed workaholic. 🙂

  5. Jack

    are you serious about being busy every remaining day of the year? wow, i can’t imagine that at all! i really wonder what keeps you going all the time..

  6. Aaron

    i am ashamed of myself seeing how hardworking you are.. i wish i can say i’m half as hardworking as you are.. but still, do take care of your health at the same time!

  7. William

    wow, you’ve got some whacky friends! it’s really great to have such supportive friends and family. especially when you’re so busy, it really takes your mind off everything.

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