Brandon Muller totally rocks!

Brandon Muller is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!!

The guy actually did this killer BOLLYWOOD satire on McCain & Palin in just a day and it’s simply fantastic. Check out the other ingenious creations from this American comedian at his website –

To be honest, I’ve been following his quirky stuff for quite some time since the funny man made a couple of seriously GOOD Criss Angel spoofs which he aptly named MIMEFREAK, a pun on MINDFREAK *grin*

There, he plays an extremely Criss Angel looking mime magician and the man’s opening sequence is seriously a fabulous satire. Totally. I love it!!! Check it out…


I really love his 3rd ep of MIMEFREAK… it had me totally LOL-ing away because as a (bored) kid, I’d do that step/ elevator thingy all the time, so that pretty much brought back fond memories of my childhood when I was a percocious child.

Hee hee hee hee hee…



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4 responses to “Brandon Muller totally rocks!

  1. gigi

    hahahas! kip angle!! aiyos..ning, make laugh like crazy wan but his mask is quite scary lehs..if at nite i see i sure scream like mad hahas..

  2. coco

    ning u shld really put a warning on the videos, called NSFW! because i ended up laughing watching them and then my boss walk past lor..haha. but thanks for the afternoon laughter anyways..

  3. Jack

    oh my god, that first video was weird! i had goosebumps watching it.. the other videos were hilarious.. haha.. it’s really similar to the way criss angel does his mind freak shows..

  4. Aaron

    omg, the singing is horrible, but the video is so funny! i love the videos, especially, the first one, it was so funny la! this guy is good man..

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