Visual Madness – Kevin Ho

Check it out… Kev just gave me the heads-up that his website just went LIVE yesterday. The talented young man has done some serious kickass innovations to magic and flourishing & knowing him for years, I’m just so proud of him *grin*

See Kevin Ho’s website now @ or click the banner above for more info on his book, SMOOTH OPERATIONS, available from Dan and Dave (the talented Buck twins) or here, at Magic Boutique!

Portable Playground from Kevin Ho on Vimeo.



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5 responses to “Visual Madness – Kevin Ho

  1. Aaron

    i thought flourishing is always associated with gambling? i didn’t know it can be used for performances! that’s really cool!

  2. William

    wow, the card flourishing is awesome! does the book the twins are selling teach about card flourishing only? or are there other things inside?

  3. aloysius

    card flourishing is creating effects with cards, with hand movements. its not for gambling, to my knowledge. haha.

  4. gigi

    such a nice videoo~ thnk you ning for sharing haha.. will it take long to learn how to do magic with cards like that not uh..? but aiya dnt think i patience..hahas..

  5. Jack

    ooh, i love card flourishing! i always felt that it was super cool! i’d love to learn that just to show off!

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