Black is the new President :-)

I think it’s really AWESOME that the day has finally come for America to be ready to accept a black US President in their white house *grin* Obama has such a beautiful family!

It doesn’t take a mentalist to figure he’d would win the elections because truly, it’s time for change! It’s really exciting times and I think much pressure is put on Obama to make changes swiftly.

Personally, I have much confidence in this impressive man – his speeches are awesome and he appears to really know what he’s talking about. I just hope that no crazy people try to assassinate Obama again. That is just SO f*cked up!!!

Change has come to America!!!!



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6 responses to “Black is the new President :-)

  1. anthony

    in this day and age, there will always surely be attempts on “the most powerful man” on earth. it just depends its futile or not. there are too many people in the world who would just love to see the president of usa fall..

  2. Aaron

    go obama! let’s hope he can do something about the economic crisis. man, he’s young!

  3. Wei Jie

    Congrats to barack obama! change is necessary as a way of life, as proven time and time again. every new era brings about change, for the better. hopefully after he’s appointed president he’ll do something about the economy 😀

  4. William

    i can’t believe obama won! it’s a new chapter in america’s history! how unbelievable!

  5. Jack

    i hope he does a better job than bush. especially in such a time of economic crisis.. hope the economy gets netter..

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