Win a S$800.00 Magic Hamper from Magic Boutique this November!

This November, Magic Boutique will be giving away a brand new magic hamper with goodies worth over SGD$800.00  to one lucky customer absolutely FREE!

Believe it… There’s absolutely no strings attached. All you have to do is send us an email before the end of the month (one entry per person please) with the following:

1. Your reason on why you like Magic Boutique

2.  How Magic Boutique can improve 

3. Your favourite blog entry from Ning’s Magic Diaries and why

Label the email header with subject title: Magic Boutique Nov08 Rewards and don’t forget to include your full name, address and contact numbers accordingly. We’ll pick the lucky winner at month’s end so don’t wait… start writing in now!

Remember, when you support Magic Boutique, you also support anti-piracy in magic simply because we respect the art too! 



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4 responses to “Win a S$800.00 Magic Hamper from Magic Boutique this November!

  1. Aaron

    OMG! are you serious? $800? that’s a lot of money! i can buy lots of things with that!

  2. Jenny

    does the hamper consist of products of magic boutique? i mean, all magic stuff? cos i’m not into performing, but watching only, and i doubt i’ll have use for those..

  3. aloysius

    wow.. just wow. 800 SGD gift away. thats quite generous of you. may i ask what magical items are there in it? if like there’s signed copies of magazines by you ning then that’d be so cool hehe.

  4. Jack

    does the hamper include any vcds of you or jc sum? i’d love to have some of your shows to watch anytime.. or maybe learn some tricks..

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