Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus

This wonderful book was published way back in 1972, long before I was even born and my folks didn’t even meet yet… but some classics are ever-green, pretty much like The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, one of my all time favorite books.

Trina Paulus presents us with the life of two very normal caterpillars, Stripe and Yellow, who aren’t magical in anyway and this sweet but thought-provoking story is all about how these two try to fulfill their instinct to "move up" in the world.

They join thousands of other caterpillars in a giant "caterpillar pillar," a rat… uhm… caterpillar race, which is basically a mass of little wriggly bodies climbing on top of each other to the great unknown above. The vicious ones who numb themselves and hurt others to get ahead, climb further up top. Sounds familiar?

Anyways, Yellow soon becomes disconcerted with this effort, uncomfortable at the prospect of having to step on someone else’s head to move forward in the world. She begins the long crawl down, abandoning this patriarchal structure for something better.

She does inevitably, by following her heart and taking courage. Yellow eventually learns to fly, and in doing so, to "move up" in the world in a way that empowers others instead of disempowering them. A new way to reach the sky without stepping on a fellow caterpillar in the process. A butterfly way of being.

Many thanks to LJ for giving it to me. This is a simple yet sweetly poigant book that I’d truly recommend. Pick up a copy today!


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