The Ladies Affair

My stylo milo fashionista Queenie has just started her own little venture doing what she does best. Mabes truly has the knack of putting things together and she’s now a fashion buyer for women who want someone professional to do the shopping for them. Absolutely no more fashion diasters!

A skirt’s just a skirt to me, but Mabes is like Miss Google on heels (specifically, stylish ones like Jimmy Choos). the woman knows what is important and here’s a couple of handy pointers she shared on her blog:

1. If you have to have a less-than-perfect tummy, opt for a looser cut that skims your curves.

2. Wear it sitting below your waist for a curve flattering effect.

3. Hems should fall to the knees or slightly lower for a longer, leaner and shapely silhouette.

4. Make your bottom half more slender by picking a skirt in a dark hue (think: black, navy blue, dark grey or green) and pair it with a light coloured top (try: cream, pale yellow, white etc).

5. To up the style ante, wear a sexy silk top, structured jacket or tuck in a voluminous blouse with your high waisted skirt.

Just for the ladies… Check out her fashion blog now @



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3 responses to “The Ladies Affair

  1. Jenny

    those are really good tips! does she hold any fashion classes or any classes on how to dress for the right occasion? i’d love to attend those classes!

  2. ning

    Hey Jenny,

    From what I know, the beauty of it is that Mabes does things one-on-one because everyone is a unique individual. She does this for passion, and what can I say… she’s damn good at what she does because she’s following her heart.

    Details can be found at her regularly updated website @ but you can reach Mabes direct via email at



  3. jeanne

    hello ning! great post and im definitely thankful that you are sharing that blog with us. its very sleek and simple, yet sophiscated with a touch of feminism. haha..

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