Celebrating a very wicked Halloween

Illusionists by day, vampires by night… now you know why J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning have superhuman speed and magical dexterity. Halloween is coming and so is the thirst for… a blardy good time!!!  *grin*

After we were done with our shows tonight, it was off to the Night Safari for some fun! J C, Larry, Ade & yours truly would have teleported but it’s not easy to "jump" a car. See the photos!

Dinner was at Bongo Burgers and us famished people scoffed down our food in no time…

This handsome ghoul was selling drinks just right at the main ticketed gate… say cheese!!!

Night Safari… here we come!

J C & I doing the campy Bollywood thingy, going around the ‘coconut tree’ *grin*

…which isn’t quite your regular Bollywood coconut tree… so cute larh, the (smashing) pumpkins!

We went for the animal show and prior to the performance, the bunch of us tried taking photots ourselves and it was quite a hilarious process. It’s never easy!

First attempt, I totally cut off J C who was seated at the extreme side… oops…

Second attempt at the group shot by J C… almost there… almost…

Final attempt by Ade is a success… everyone’s nicely in the picture! Woohoo!!!

Creatures of the Night was pretty entertaining, we enjoyed ourselves. The script was cheesy but fun & the animals were awesome. Right after that, it was a scramble for the four of us to board the halloween tram!

That’s me with our wacky guide for the evening, dressed as The Joker. I have clownophobia (yes, the fear of clowns) but this guy looked more goth rocker than circus performer, so that was cool.

It was a great experience riding through the ‘Gates of Hell’ where folks dressed as crafty ghouls scared the bejesus out of all of us. Ade and J C were seated at the sides and they were grabbed by these mischeivious spooks during the ride. LOL!

It was wickedly awesome… this special spooky theme runs throughout the entire month of October and I’d highly recommend you going to the Night Safari  to check it out. Bring your friends too, to see the wonderful animals!

Happy Halloween!!!!



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5 responses to “Celebrating a very wicked Halloween

  1. Jenny

    those guys look scary.. i was planning to go to the night safari some time soon, but it looks like i won’t be going till after halloween.. i’m so afraid of wicked looking masks.. spooky. *shudders*

  2. Conan

    I love the first picture! No wonder you guys are tireless and work non-stop! So you ARE vampires! I knew it!!!!! *LOL!*

  3. Ha, you look very cute in the picture with the pumpkin-headed scarecrow. And the Joker sure looks wicked indeed… where’s Batman?

  4. Bobby

    Such a nice way to celebrate halloween! Ning, you and your crew seem to have such strong rapport! its almost as if you guys are like family, which i gathered only from the photos. Totally. Envious.

  5. Marlie

    ning you have fear of clowns? that is so unlikely! never thought you would fear anything, judging from the swagger in which you carry yourself in your shows and all! haha, can i interest you in watching chucky…..

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