Class 95’s Fearless Fun Female Showdown

Tonight’s the night and DAMN… was it seriously wicked!!! The crowd at The Arena was awesome and J C & I dished out two 10min Ultimate Magic sets during MediaCorp Radio’s Class 95 special event. Check out the photos we took after as we mingled.

The crowd was really happen-ing!!! With free flow all the way, everyone was so totally buzz-ing!!! *grin*

Everyone loves Don and Drew, the wacky podcast guys…

Jean Danker and yours truly… she’s a real professional! RESPECT.

Ménage à trois: J C Sum – Jean Danker – ‘Magic Babe’ Ning

Call me corny, but the term RADIO MAGIC comes to mind right now. Heh heh heh.

Our good ole buddy Glenn Ong but without his sweet wife Jamie in tow…

Yours truly, Glenn and J C… all smiles!

FD and the two of us… we’re always bumping into each other at high-end corp/ private events which Mark (aka The Flying Dutchman) hosts.

Fans telling us how they liked what we did on stage earlier… we performed a whole bunch of illusions on stage.

My fave local musicians, Jack & Rai! We always see each other at press events and such. These guys are talented!!!

It was a seriously fun night with girls doing mud wrestling, a wet t-shirt contest, pole dancing, and much more… mmm mmm mmmm… BOO HOO to those of you who missed it *wicked grin* Ta for now, more later!



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3 responses to “Class 95’s Fearless Fun Female Showdown

  1. Rio

    Pity the event was so early, otherwise i would be hard-pressed to find a reason not to be there! but still, it seems loads of fun and I’m sure you and jc stole the show for about 20 mins there :D:D

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  3. Hey!! I saw my face again, this time in the midst of a queue… darn that photographer. Had i known earlier, I would have brought along my digicam into the Arena, but I left it inside my bag which I surrendered to the auntie at the counter!! Oh well, there will be a next time… :-/

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