Friends since Primary 2!

Her shyness’s secret identity must not be revealed…

*grin* So that is my dearest Diane, who’s back from Canada with her husband Keith but only for a couple of days. I was so happy that she could make it for the Ultimate Magic official launch at The Arena in Clarke Quay, because her schedule’s just so packed. It’s been 2 years since she came back to Singapore and naturally there’s so many things fr her to do and tons of people to catch up with.

We’ve been so close since we met each other in MGS and became best buds at Primary 2, so much so, our families know each other and yes… I cried buckets when I had too send her off over two years ago when she left with Keith’s family to Canada & we didn’t know how long it’d be till she came back again. She flew back last week because her brother-in-law’s wedding took place right smack on my birthday, 16 Oct!

Very coincidentally, Diane and I are exactly a month apart. Since we were kids, I was always the more protective one because she was always such a sweet softie and being taken advantage off by mean girls. We both were bookworms and LOVED Nancy Drew, so we even had a little ‘detective agency’ with namecards and all, to solve mysteries. LOL. It was seriously hilarious.

My heart was singing at her wedding (we were 21!), when the bride looked so very beautiful as she walked down the aisle and married her long time boyfriend (now wonderful husband) Keith. I was her bridesmaid and I choked back tears because I was just so happy that Diane found her soulmate so early.

I couldn’t really talk to her on  the night of Ultimate Magic’s official launch, so we spent hours catching up right after my business meeting ended in the early afternoon today. It was precious time because I had to leave just after 4pm to make it for my 5pm show at the club. I’m really glad our friendship superceeds superficial ones which are ‘high maintenance’. We still had that chemistry and instantly picked up from where we left off without any awkwardness.

We’re older, and though there’s been changes we’re still the same girls. I don’t know when I’ll see Diane again, but it’d probably be after 2010. She says that though she expected, she’s still proud that I’m still the same person, that I’m grounded enough to not become some sort of unreasonable diva despite all the attention I’ve been getting. Well, duh!!! *grin* It’s only people who don’t actually know me who’d make such judgemental assumptions.

Here’s to our friendship sweetie… we’ve been there for each other for almost 2 decades. Isn’t that just simply amazing!?! I look forward to the years to come



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9 responses to “Friends since Primary 2!

  1. nature

    Greeting and hi, just watch your previous and some video. You are truely the amusing magician which i first time see. Anyway… a word for you, that is ‘Happy birthday’ Miss Ning. (hope i can still say birthday word even though it is over…) Wishes your health well and career succeed. ^_^

    Hope i will see your video next year or this year.

    Take care.

  2. Justin

    Since Primary 2!! Wow, i so envy you for having such a long time friend! Unfortunately i have lost touch with all my primary school friends. Sad. 😦

    As Elisabeth Foley said: “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”

  3. Hi Ning, remember me? The shy guy who last saw you and JC outside Central for the Impossible Journey last month… the one who said u look very cute in the FHM booklet (blushes). yep, I went to The Arena on Friday night (free admission!! Muahaha) where I watched u and JC do your performances. Yeah, I admit I was getting ‘scorched’ and mesmerized by your strait jacket escapee… but then two of the wet t-shirt contestants and the 2nd pole dancer were equally hot as well!! I wouldnt mind going to The Arena to watch Ultimate Magic one more time 🙂

  4. Aaron

    wow, such an amazing friendship.. i’ve never found a friend so close before.. i used to have good friends, but i’ve lost touch with them.. sigh, the good times..

  5. JS

    Having a friend who is just there for whenever he/she is needed is rare and random to come by. May your friendship last forever.

  6. Sean

    The Chinese have a saying that to find a true friend is enough to last one for a lifetime. I guess you are so lucky to have so many good friends! 🙂

  7. najid

    Ning, it is always a pleasure to be reading your blog, the entries range from heartwarming as such to visually exciting photo intensive entries. Not to mention the magical and whimsical stuff. Truly amazing young woman, you are, and please continue to capture my attention as you always have.

  8. celine

    hey ning! your friend is such a shy person lah, i’d gladly ride of your tailcoat to fame haha. But i’m such an attention-whore and its evident me and your friend are totally two different species! haha! alrighty then, good luck and i am probably going to watch ultimate magic this week so, till then, toodle-loos!

  9. felicia

    oh my god please dont make me cranky ning! entries like that really touches the heart can! aiyo..its still early in the morning lor, how am i gonna be in a good enough emotional state of mind to be working the whole day already! haha..

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