Ultimate Magic: Official Launch (FINALLY!)

Oh what a night!!!

With well over 400 people in The Arena @ Clarke Quay, tonight’s official launch of Ultimate Magic – Singapore’s first permanent illusion show – was a really fantastic kick-off!!!! Many thanks to everyone who was a part of it, it just wouldn’t have been the same without you! *grin*

Unfortunately, because it was SO jam packed… there weren’t enough seats to go around and many people had to stand. I’ve never experienced the air-con dip so drastically before, it’s usually very cosy in the club! All of us were melting on stage because of the heat (those damn lights!) but we tried too maintain our cool.

But it was a truly fantastic experience, and it always makes me very happy to know our audience (both magicians and muggles alike) enjoyed what we presented. I had fun meeting people afterwards, and it’s so heartening to know how proud Singaporeans are of good local talent.

Check out the photos from tonight!

My handsome butch friend Boon at the door, with our multimedia poster flashing behind, looking on at the hearty long queue snaking into The Arena. She came with Ade, who gave me a really cute plush toy to cheer me up… thank you babe… *hugs*

A huge Ultimate Magic banner featuring J C & I is placed along the corridor of the club, as it serves at the backdrop for all photo opp moments after the show.

People settling in to watch the show. They were previously entertained by the emcee, stilt walkers, as well as, our very own professional close-up magician… Matthew Lee!

That’s yours truly presenting REVO-LLUSION, an original unique illusion designed by J C himself. The audience responded well to our 1 hour non-stop illusion show and those who left after were greeted by our merchandising counter.

Nearby was a whole queue of people (Singaporeans, expats and folks from overseas) who wanted to take photos with the two of us. The fans tonight were very co-operative and waited patiently for their turns with us, which I really appreciated

Me and the ex AKA Aloysius Yeo, administrator of Singapore Magic Circle. We had really good times during the years we were together, with SMC (which I just tendered my ‘resignation’ of forum moderator though I’ve been there since day 1 way before the rest of the current  mods, except Aloy and Bernard of course) & The Little Magic Shop… now resurrected as Magic Boutique for some time now.

I’m really happy for him because Aloy’s got so many wonderful things going on for him… a great girlfriend (Hi Lillian!), his IT business, and at 31 the man’s finally getting his car license and degree. Aloy, I am so damn proud of you. From my hearts of hearts… I’m really glad this wonderful girlfriend of yours has successfully managed to kick your butt in accomplishing all these things *grin* Yes, nothing changes between us – we’ll be fab friends forever, always, that I can promise you.

Okay… it was a really strange night. I autographed 2 copies of Vanilla magazine to two gals called Diane! LOL. People at Pam’s table kept joking that as the final cover girl, Magic Babe single-handedly made the title disappear… POOF! *wry grin* Well, I do have many skills I guess…

Friends from Singapore Magic Circle came with their dates… Aloysius, Alexander, Axl and Jerome teasing me as usual. Yes, I still get them from them *grin* It was really fantastic seeing the guys again. My wicked schedule is so taking a toil on my social life… grah!

Axl left with his girlfriend to meet her Dad but he looked more muscular from the last I saw him… must have been working out! Heh. I enjoyed yakking with my SMC friends. Purposely stood far, far, far away from Aloy cos I don’t want his girlfriend to get jealous… wuahahahahahaha…

 More fans at the event who really enjoyed themselves. Vera, the lady next to me, is one spunky chick who also happens to be an all girls school girl. Though I’m a true blue MGS girl and she’s from IJ, I so totally love her attitude *grin*

Oh yeah… This Friday night sees Class95 come to The Arena for their Fearless, Fun, Female event. We’re involved in their programme, as most of you might have already heard the on-going ads playing on the airwaves. Though they mention just me, it’s really a J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning thing. It’s just something I thought I’d highlight here in my blog as I’m honestly not quite sure what happened to the communication between the folks from The Arena & MediaCorp Radio, but it’s really an Ultimate Magic 2-person thing as always Swing by to catch the event if you can however… it sounds like pure wicked fun!!!!

PS: I’d like to thank a very special somebody for making time to come by tonight. My heart did a happy dance when I saw her. You know who you are *wink*



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4 responses to “Ultimate Magic: Official Launch (FINALLY!)

  1. Veronica

    Wow! That is a huge load of people for the launch! Congrats to the official launch and may the magic continue! 🙂

  2. Daniels

    Awesome. I heard about the Fearless Fun Female event on Class 95. 🙂 Sounds like great fun, so i do hope to be there! 😀 Congratulation on the official launch. It looks like a tremendous success.

  3. Joseph

    Looks like it was a successful event and the show seems to be getting quite a following. I saw you mentioned on My Paper as one of Razor TV stars – good job! I have not caught the show but will do so soon.

  4. terence

    oh its only the official opening now huh? meaning the previous shows are only soft openers..shows of such scales have to undergo such tedious preparations, man i dont envy you for having to rehearse and all so much. but i am sure the end product is exactly how you would picture it and congrats on being able to reap the rewards!

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