Letting go

Someone wise once shared a nugget of wisdom with me when I was a little girl. She observed that getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.

Life’s really like that. And as the mother of modern day hip-hop, Sylvia Robinson, openly mused: "Some think it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go." It truly is. Absolutely.

About five years ago I completely placed my heart and soul into a new project had so much tremendous potential. I loved it to bits because it was my baby and as best as I could, I nurtured it with ALL that I could possibly give. It took a lot of love, time, effort and more.

I watched it grow rapidly under my care and it was a wonderful, beautiful thing. There was laughter and light, goodness and familiarity. It served the greater good – charities and children, the less fortunate and the art. It sweetly blossomed into something very special but inevitably, things started to change. With people coming and going. With time. And a lot of other factors.

Growth and success is good, but power (or pseudo power) can be a curse. Men were never made perfect and slowly, gradually, inevitably, my baby started to morph from the safe haven of positive energy that it was truly supposed to be… into something else entirely different to the point where I couldn’t even recognise it anymore.

Lord Voldermort was a sweet and innocent child once, and though he became who he was, I’m sure his mother would still love him very much. It’s the same context. Anyway.

Politics, ego, pride, judgement, segregation, power  trips, and different schools of thought… such is life. In reflection, I’m mature enough to recognise that one just have to simply accept and let go. As heart broken as I am with my decision to walk away from my baby… a small part deep inside me finds serenity in the fact that it no longer needs me. Things always happen for a reason and I’ll definitely remember the good stuff. Always.



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12 responses to “Letting go

  1. Madeline

    Ning, i guess sometimes you just have to let go when the time comes. I’m glad you can, and i feel this project lost a lot of things when it lost you. We probably don’t understand why some things happen, and they do, so there’s nothing we can do about it, but to accept it. At the end of the day, if we have tried our best to make it well, but things still don’t turn out good, at least we can answer to ourselves. Cheer up.

  2. andy

    i’m sorry, maybe i didnt read the post clearly enough but what was the thing you had to let go? whatever the case i’m truly sorry for your loss and please do cheer up ning, there many other stuff in life to look forward to..

  3. andre

    Ning, it warms the soul that you are such a strong person in the sense that even though you have to let this go, you are able to detach yourself emotionally and move on from there. i’m very astounded as most women wouldnt be able to do so. you just proved time and time again what a strong woman you are, not to mention gorgeous (out of context). good luck!

  4. lawrence

    letting go of things in our lives is part and parcel of it all. be it a relationship, a project like you are going through now, death of a loved one, etc etc. be strong throughout this ordeal, you know you are in our(your fans) hearts. 🙂

  5. wallace

    nice quotation, “Some think it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.”, its totally beautiful. i wanna thank you, ning, for sharing this with me today, and needless to say it has brightened up my otherwise gloomy day immensely. brighter days will come soon, cheer up

  6. george

    whatever it is, i’m sure ning u will be able to formulate a plan and move on from there. sometimes life just throws you curve balls, deal with it (which i am sure you are fully capable of) and be fantastic as usual.

  7. Aaron

    it’s hard to let go. i know how it feels, having experienced it myself. it’ll be over soon. cheer up!

  8. michelle

    Sometimes in life, you outgrow things or you move ahead while others don’t. It is a difficult struggle to move forward yet try to maintain ties with those that cannot keep up. More often than not, this causes strains and eventually bitterness, jealously and resentment. You live your life for yourself and those that you love. Your real friends will understand that. Those that don’t, then they get left behind. Sad, but true.

  9. Francis

    Change is a part of life and inevitable. Politics and the need for power are men’s weakest traits. Many times it is the result of just one or two people who influence the rest due to a personal agenda, envy or resentment because they are insecure and jsut cannot achieve what you have. They feel an injustice to a certain extent… they feel left out and indequate. They will never admit it… but they will never be happy. If you do not want to be caught in a rut, you have to move on and you are strong and wise to let go.

  10. J C

    As I mentioned Ning, I went through the exact same thing you did years ago. Remember what was the first thing I told you when you first joined Concept:Magic? “If you become successful at this, people are going to turn on you and dislike you.” It is the beast in man.

    You are working at a level in magic that very few understand, can appreciate or will likely be able to reach. But it is your very strength that has pushed you to this level, pursued with passion, intergrity, ethics and sheer hard work. Many who cannot do the same, for whatever reason, will respond the only way they can – negatively, in different ways. It sucks but that is life as you have come to learn and witness for yourself.

    As you have always said, “In life, you can’t please everyone”. So, we please only the ones that really matter.

    When you choose a path, some people who cannot keep up or do not choose the same path get left behind. While some understand this as a natural course of life, others take this as abandonment, turning your back or being arrogant on your part. You and those closest to you know otherwise. Your journey has only just begun and its the twists and turns that make life interesting.

  11. Ade

    Ning, i know you will be, or rather, you ARE definitely strong enough to move on. Politics, jealousy and power are some of the most horrible mutagens in life; and this is bound to happen because you are successful.

    It may hurt right now, but yes, i think it’s time for you to let go. Only in letting go can you move forward – how right it is… You have achieved much and can only achieve more.

    Ade will always be behind you all the way.

  12. No advice, no critique, you already know it, now you just have to believe it.

    As Clara says 😀 we’re all going to die, so we might was well enjoy ourselves before it happens.

    I still can’t believe you’re a big time magic queen! Woooo!

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