Meet 蔡老师 (Miss Cai, Tutor from Hell)…

It’s Larry’s birthday today and we felt a bit corny over dinner after the show (and we had yet to even begin dessert!!!) so we got a bit  trigger happy on my camera. I had my hair up in a bun and wearing zero degree geek glasses, I magically transformed into someone else!!!

Heh. Shawn said I could do a Superman & Clark Kent *grin* May I present, the teacher from hell.. 蔡老师!

蔡老师  with Headmaster Sum lecture about the importance of eating your greens, washing your hands and not picking your nose! (We all tried to plaster JC’s hair to give him a dorky centre parting but he just couldn’t keep his spikey hair down).

蔡老师 is also the discipline mistress. The birthday boy isn’t let off easy – this is what happens when you forget to greet your elders. (Larry is older than me by the way…) RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT!

蔡老师 sternly advocates neat handwriting and sharp pencils. Anything scribbled will receive a FAIL grade!!! Ade looks miserable here because she just got her palm smacked with the ruler for writing in inky felt-tip blue (the horrors of horrors) instead of school approved black ballpoint!

HAHAHAHAHAHA… HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY LUM! You’re another year closer to hitting the big THREE ZERO!



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7 responses to “Meet 蔡老师 (Miss Cai, Tutor from Hell)…

  1. carrie

    that is larry the escape magician dude right? certainly looks happy with his celebration and whatnot, i’m quite a fan, especially of his youtube video. when can i see more of him?? ning please do tell.

  2. charlotte

    omg!!! ning you look so cute in those specs, you can really pull of a myriad of looks eh, from crazy biker magic babe to this look of geeky sexy hot teacher from hell!! haha, you certainly inspire me to reach greater heights than i possibly could.

  3. leonard

    ning, one could only wish that you are my tutor now.. i will so totally go to every lecture and tutorial, then proceed to make lots of mistakes just so i could take up some time out of your day… you are so gorgeous! keep it up ning…

  4. raymond

    Magic Babe Ning, your new look has blown me away in such that i cannot help but comment on your blog. You are really such a character, able to change into many facades just like that. Thankfully you are able to pull them off, each and everyone of them. the noraml you, magic babe you, even this geeky you! so hot lar!

  5. johnny

    teacher…please give me detention please…i dint do my maths homework today..need private tuition….if miss ning will be so kind to teach me ni the detention i am sure to pass my upcoming o levels…or teach me magic help me pass also can..haha..jk…thnks…

  6. lloyd

    Magic Babe Ning, wonderful portrayal of a hot, sexy and sophiscated young tutor. You had my heart pumping for more, and the very fact that you can supposedly cast spells, makes me wish i was 10 years younger and still in school, possibly a teacher like that will come along and be totally awesome.

  7. Aaron

    oh my god, you look like you directly came from the studio after shooting some chinese comedy in mediacorp.. even jc sum does look like some principal.. did you do it on purpose?

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