Post birthday reflections…

So I’m now a year older… and hopefully wiser *rueful grin* Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who remembered my birthday and made me feel so loved and so special… I truly appreciate all the flowers (I can almost open a store!), candy, ice-cream, cards, gifts, messages, calls (overseas and local!) and more

Life’s been beautiful. Just exactly one year ago, I filmed this during Triple Actz at Alliance Francaise…

My very first Magic Babe promo video received over 40,000 views but we’ve since taken it down. Because, I’ve now morphed to this…

…with the opportunity of successfully attempting South East Asia’s first mega escape, The Impalement Cage, supported by Clarke Quay and the Singapore Tourism Board. I’ll never forget how I only had 90 seconds to cheat death, and the wonderful experience that came with it…

…as well as, partnering J C Sum in the very recent mega illusion, The Impossible Journey, presented during the F1 Grand Prix season by Central and the Singapore Tourism Board. This never been done before off one spectacular had the two of us teleport – not ourselves – but three muggles across the iconic Singapore River in just 2.5 seconds flat…

…not forgetting, being specically singled out with J C to do Ultimate Magic @ The Arena in Singapore’s top entertainment district, Clarke Quay. This first-of-its-kind million dollar 16 month contract is our country’s first permanent illusion show (like in Las Vegas!) and I’m just so thrilled to be able to be a part of it. Wow! I never thought I’d ever have a schedule like this…

Plus, this year has been completely MAGICAL for me. I met wonderful people and my life has been changed by them. I always believe that things happen for a reason & special people come into your lives at a certain time that’s just meant to be. Also, the law of karma applies… what goes around comes around, so always be nice!!!

As a typical Libra, I’ve always strived to achieve a good balance on all aspects of life. I’m still trying, very hard, because I’m only human… though strangely, there are people who expect me to be perfect somewhat and to never have a bad day and plaster a friendly smile on my face all the time *wry grin*

Once again, thank you so much everyone, for having left a beautiful mark on my life. Thank you…



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6 responses to “Post birthday reflections…

  1. Jack

    happy belated birthday! are you going to have any birthday performance or something? that’ll be something new.. haha..

  2. Frankie

    It is amazing how far you have come so fast Ning. I don’t believe there has been any other magician who has achieved so much in such a short time. Just looking at your projects this past year is pretty amazing. Well done and you should be happy with what you have accomplished. Happy belated birthday!

  3. Jerome

    It has been a journey! You should be really proud of yourself! 🙂 That’s so much achievements in such a short period of time. We’ve seen Magic Babe evolving and changing to where you are now, deservingly of every bit of the success that you have now.

    Keep going and kicking ass!

    Happy belated b’day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gerard

    Happy ultra belated b’day!

    Wow! I saw you at Alliance Francaise last year and then this year at Ultimate Magic. You’ve grown so much within a year!

    Please take care of yourself though, and keep up with the great stuff you and J C are doing!

  5. candice

    very nice post ning! we’re all proud of you that you have come such a long way, and i personally promise i’ll be with you to the end of your career (touch touch touch wood!!). you have captured my heart in your exploits and i will always be a fan regardless of what happens!

  6. emily

    its wonderful your blog is able to chronicles what happened from a year ago till now ning, actually, it is simply awesome! i’m immensely happy for you! not to mention, the transformation has been really spectacular, and hopefully theres more to come! all the best!

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