My Concept:Magic Birthday Surprise :-)

So my morning started like any typical day where I stepped into the office prior to heading off to The Arena @ Clarke Quay for Ultimate Magic, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show. J C & I bought lunch and Larry went down to help us carrying everything up (food, drinks and then some) from the car.

Walking into the office, Larry & I were suddenly ambushed by the entire Concept:Magic family… with 2 birthday cakes lit with candles & everyone singing the birthday song. Larry’s birthday is close to mine and well, I turn another year older today.

To be honest, I nearly cried because it was all so unexpected. J C Sum, was the evil mastermind behind it all of course and I swear, the man was just so sneaky because Larry and I totally didn’t see it coming!!! LOL. Seriously kena con.

Wonderful people close to me sent me birthday wishes and also asked me out (THANK YOU SO MUCH… YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) but I just wasn’t in the mood of celebrating my 26th birthday since I already had a bash last year to mark my quarter centurianship on this planet.

So this came as a surprise, especially when I saw what the team got me… *happy dance* …the deliciously wicked Sakura Katana samurai sword I was so completely in love with, that came in crimson mahogany! Oh my god. There it was, just oozing sexiness on my table… Aww man…

Here are some photos. I’ll never forget today *grin* Thanks so much, fellas!

My yummy birthday cake, with Larry’s in the background. Pink candles!!!

Larry the Escape Guy is a closet pyromaniac who just loves playing with fire!

Me still looking wide-eyed and sheepish. I was still reeling from the surprise!

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up next, the cake cutting ceremony… 

I am so in love with my new baby… she’s such a glam beauty. Seriously sexxxxy!!!

Check out the red hot super cool addition too *sniff* I feel so LOVED!!!

To everyone who remembered my birthday, thanks so much… you have touched me and it’s deeply appreciated! Truly, I am blessed because I have you in my life. You rock my world!

Okay, I gotta run. We have a busy day ahead of us, as well as, a corporate event later tonight at Swissotel. Next week is going to be WICKED. MediaCorp’s top radio station Class 95 will be coming to The Arena on the evening of 24 October & yes, you probably already heard the on-going radio ads about the event with our names being mentioned *grin* More details in a bit.

Ta for now, more later…



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7 responses to “My Concept:Magic Birthday Surprise :-)

  1. Aaron

    ooh.. happy birthday! is that a sword? it’s so so so cool!!

  2. Jaya

    i thought you need a license to own swords in singapore? then again, you guys are magicians. i guess you do have the required license.

  3. Tanat

    Happy Belated Birthday, Ning! Stay cute, HOT and beautiful always! Really sorry for the late wishes, cos i hadnt been visiting your blog for some time. Err, I guess I haf to drop by at the Arena anytime, or err… wait for my call? (I almost got a heart attack after watching the video!!)

  4. jerome

    such a pleasant surprise you must have had! the crew must have totally prepared like crazy for that, not to mention the sword is totally, totally rad! happy birthday ning!!

  5. ahmad kiki

    the cake certainly looks very delicious! can i know where did you all purchase it? and of course, happy birthday to the absolutely most pretty magician i have laid my eyes upon in the few decades of my time on this earth. ALL THE BEST!!

  6. patrick

    no way!did jc planned such an intricate birthday surprise for you? my my, i must say what a good one indeed, judging fdrom your expressions! haha! ning happy birthday and please do enjoy it, lord knows you deserve to with all the hardwork in recent times.

  7. nature

    Greeting and hi, just watch your previous and some video. You are truely the amusing magician which i first time see. Anyway… a word for you, that is ‘Happy birthday’ Miss Ning. (hope i can still say birthday word even though it is over…) Wishes your health well and career succeed. ^_^

    Hope i will see your video next year or this year.

    Take care.

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