Chantelle birthday lingerie

My actual birthday falls on Thursday this week, so I decided it was timely to head down to Chantelle’s boutique in town to pick up some birthday lingerie for myself! Oh come on… this is the modern era where independent women can purchase their own fancy smasy bling bling and designer lingerie, so don’t give me thaaaaaat look!

The ultra chic French label very kindly sponsored me a very GORGEOUS set from their latest collection which I personally chose and what’s truly awesome is that besides it looking fantastic, the fit was perfect too! It was extremely comfortable and all of its positive attributes justify the price tag.

I’m a firm believer on how important nice undergarment is, even though (alledgedly) no one knows what you wear underneath. It just makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself, and you’d naturally become more confident and sexy. Well, it works for me anyway *grin*

There’s a saying that the kind of lingerie a woman chooses reveals her true character and personality, what do you think? Click on the logo below to see the latest gorgeous lingerie sets from Chentelle… I personally think they’d make great gifts!




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5 responses to “Chantelle birthday lingerie

  1. gundam

    Sounds like a great idea for my gf’s birthday… Her b’day is around the corner too! Hmm!

  2. andy

    ning! should post a NSFW warning, nearly clicked the chantelle link. lol.

  3. errol

    christ, ning, you sure do know how to keep a man’s blood pumping, such a teasing post! haha. i bet you will look simply fantastic in those lingerie.

  4. bernard

    nice underwear is very important, even for guys becasue it gives us a sense of security wherever we are at. but let me say for every single guy who reads this post Oh My God Ning, have you got my heart racing! One can only eny the lucky dude who will be adle to see you in it.

  5. stevie

    when i read the title, i was really hoping this was a pictorial post, sad to realise its not. however, props to you ning for being able to share this side of yourself comfortably with us. I would totally kill the man whose lucky enough to see you parade in a hot lingerie set by Chantelle.

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