Lego Celebrities

Okay, I was a total Lego nut when I was a kid and I swear… there was a point of time when my folks were almost damn sure I’d grow up to be an architect (ANYTHING BUT A MAGICIAN!) because I’d spend hours and hours with my Lego bricks and things.

Close friends are aware that I actually still pop by the toy stores now and then to check out the latest Lego offerings. They had a really cool chess set made out of nicely designed Lego warriors and it just screamed BUY ME. I had to resist the temptation!

I have a catwoman Lego keychain hanging on my bag… something not many people know of *sheepish grin* But anyways! I just stumbled upon Fresh Pics which has some totally cool celebs from Lego! They are simply brilliant, just check it out…

Abe looks like an old-skool magician with that top hat!!!

…but wait, so does Jack!

Why does she look like Princes Leila from Starwars fame?

GASP!!! John Lennon is actually Harry Potter!!!!


…His suit honestly reminds me of Agent81’s brand new costume!

…he really looks more like…



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6 responses to “Lego Celebrities

  1. Very interesting post u got there, Ning! I used to have a set of Lego toys, but I gave it all away to other people, mostly cos I had outgrown the Lego craze (I am more of a collector of toys linked to Star Wars, Marvel, Sentai or WWE).

    Yeah, “Noah” does look a lot like Gandalf the White. I never knew that Mark Twain and Colonel Sanders were ‘distant relatives’, ha! :-p

    Fyi, there are new releases of Lego-styled games, available in PC, PS3, PSP, Nintendo DS and X-Box 360 format… Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman. 🙂

  2. Omar

    hahaha! the last one actually got me laughing out loud. good entry, especially the last lego character. he seriously looks like colonel sanders doesnt he??

  3. jia min

    totally, totally hilarious post. really had me going ning, i was sniffling my laughter in the office! thanks for the good laugh and my lord the similarities are just crazy!!

  4. Fernando.

    Brilliant post, its nice to see a pretty lady like you, being as talented as you are in the fields of magic is able to see the funny side of things in life, such as this simple lego figurines. Pretty awesome i must say and delightfully sexy as well.

  5. lucks

    NSFW! totally too funny to be read at work! Ning ah Ning, have some mercy on the normal people who have bosses to please and not let us stumble upon this hilarious post, i really really am having a hard time controlling my laughter, and i still am! hahahah

  6. Gerard your soundman

    Nelson Mandela looks more like morgan freeman

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