Andrew and Grace home: A Place for Troubled Teens

AG Home was established in 1998 to provide a refuge for troubled youths and their families. It functioned as a voluntary home for the broken hearted, reaching out to these troubled youths, providing them and their families a place of refuge in order that their lives may be restored, renewed and revived. These youths are provided with academic, physical, vocational and character developmental programmes and through surrogate parental guidance, these youths are cared for in the most attentive manner.

See their website here… I love their mission statement… "Love the Unloved!" RESPECT!

Just earlier this week I blogged about It’sMyLife! …The musical by teens, for teens and about teens, which is an upcoming play produced by fellow wonderful Vanilla cover girls Kheng & Val, and directed by Kheng’s very talented husband, Lim Yu Beng.

The play is done entirely by teens for teens & I just know it’s going to be fantastic. Pam started the ball rolling by making the suggestion of sponsoring the teenage girls from AG Home to watch the play as it may be a very moving & powerful experience for them. I think she’s right that it may even open possibilities for them.

So I’ll be sponsoring 3 teens from the home to watch the play, please join in if you can. Tickets are currently sold at very reasonable prices at & if you’re interested in sponsoring a teen girl to watch a teen play, click here for more info! C’mon… a little charity is good for the soul… *wink* Spread da word!!!


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  1. Ghina

    Will you be goin? I am going to the play! Hope to have a chance to see you at the play if you are! 🙂

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