12 illusion shows in 48 hours

TADAAAAAAH… That’s us with our dynamic opening illusion sequence which has me vanish and reappear back again with a gigantic CANON logo. This 2 day event at St Regis hotel saw J C & I perform 12 shows in 48 hours!!!

We were specifically sussed out because Concept:Magic is known for our customisation and professionalism, plus our excellent track record in all things magic. Many people present remembered us from the newspapers, magazines and TV, so they warmed up to us quickly.

I took many photos with some very awesome folks and also signed a couple of autographs in between the shows (when I wasn’t stuffing my face with the yummy food and scrumptious dessert, which Matt & Larry kept tempting me with) *grin*

Here’s more photos of the the two of us… J C Sum & Magic Babe… in action at this (specially) magic themed CANON business event!

CANON is a great company and it’s amazing how savvy their business solutions are. It’s no wonder they are the market leaders in what they do! I met many nice people at the event, but a turd of a dirty old man did dampen my appetite just right after my final performance. A paper sales manager in a grey suit by the name of Mike made a ridiculously inappropriate comment which was so uncalled for.

The douchebag’s way older than my Dad and if his kids heard what he said, I’m so sure they’d be completely  disgraced that the pervert fathered them. I walked away in disgust because I didn’t want to make a scene but seriously, Magic Babe would have SO bitch slapped his ruddy cheeks. Some people are just clueless about their limits. And alcohol shouldn’t be used as an excuse because that’s no reason to have a foul mouth. AWARE would deem what this fat balding oily faced geezer said as sexual harassment. *growl*

Anyways. Besides that, I had a really awesome time and I’ve yet again pushed myself (actually, it’s always J C who’s shoving me) in successfully completing 12 good stage performances in 48hours. It was very intense, but I completely embrace the experience.

Red Dot Magic just ran an interview on us after coming to watch us perform Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, a little while ago. They also did a review on the show and made objective touch points which I appreciated. I’m glad our country has a pretty happening magic scene; we’ve really got so much potential!



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2 responses to “12 illusion shows in 48 hours

  1. shea

    christ, what did the douche say? i’m really sorry Magic Babe, some people just do not know how to control their alcohol limits and thus such situations happen. I believe, however, you did the right thing by walking away. As it is a social event, it would be in the best interest of everyone involved to quietly walk away then inform someone of higher authority of this bastard, pardon my french. I hope you are alright, because clearly you do not deserve this.

  2. sam

    Thats outrageous! ning you should totally embarrass him outright, however big shot he is! even if he was the boss of canon, no woman deserves to get treated like that! ning, as you are sort of a public figure, you should spoken up for us women. sigh, it must have been disgusting, an old man doing such inappropriate stuff. please do take care huh.

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