It’sMyLife! …The musical by teens, for teens and about teens

Check it out… I just got an email from Valerie Lim & Tan Kheng Hua, about their latest theatre production. These wonderful Vanilla women are really talented local artists & I’m sure this will be a stellar stage show.

It’s My Life! comes alive from 27 Nov and you can get tickets for the play direct from Gatecrash or click here to access their main website for more info about this brand new, interesting 2hour play. Tickets are very reasonably priced so don’t hesistate *grin*

I got  to know Valerie & Kheng because of MediaCorp Publishing’s Vanilla. for once… Ning Cai, not Magic Babe, was the featured cover girl for the magazine’s current October issue, which also happens to be Vanilla’s final issue. It is now a legend.

It’s really tragic that they decided to close this wonderful woman’s magazine down but I am thankful I got to be a part of it. I met such amazing people and seriously, I still grin at my memory of the entire Vanilla photoshoot experience which was truly the most memorable to date..

Valerie & Kheng were past cover girls as well, and we were all linked up together (as well as the other cover babes) by the magazine’s deputy editor, the very wonderful, Pamela Ho. She’s informed me that though the magazine is closed, there’s a public blog the team’s just started, called Vanilla Survivors which can be read here.

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2 responses to “It’sMyLife! …The musical by teens, for teens and about teens

  1. Jack

    that’s really nice! it’s like the secondary school days when all the classes have blogs or email groups to keep the connection there. love is incredible.

  2. Ian

    hey ning! update your blog sweetness. I am really looking forward to reading your next entries..

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