The Vagina Monologues

ML and I caught Zebra Crossing Production’s localised take on The Vagina Monologues earlier today. Channel News Asia cleverly coined it as a collection of anecdotes celebrating all things feminine, described as part-therapeutic and part-informative.

I truly enjoyed this multiple-award winning play by Eve Ensler & I’m so glad that we have such strong local talent; it simply radiates!!! It’s R18, so no minors for this adult themed performance. Seriously, the 9 woman cast was excellent & IMHO, the entire creative team did an excellent job. Kudos to them *grin*

ML is my theatre kaki because not many friends enjoy the theatre play experience like me, and the only thing I wish was that I had more time for good stage acts. They’re just so much more intense than movies, and more often than not, their storylines are far more meaningful. It’s all about the storytelling.

Nothing bores me more than stale recycled scripts and boring old-farty "safe" story ideas. Yawn! With theatre, you can have this really powerful raw energy that can deeply resonate in places celluloid cannot. The lights, the sets, the people, the voices, the interraction… I love it all!

Sabrina Renee Chong, who was in ML’s nicely done and ever-so-honest local documentary, Women Loving Women, (screened during the most recent Singapore International Film Festival) was fantastic. She looked damn good too, I must say. But I may be biased *grin* I’m glad she’s come so far from since I first knew her years ago when she was with The Neccessary Stage!

AWARE had a booth at the external reception area and in fact, during the no hold barred theatrical experience, many core pivotal issues were raised in the play which I felt was bravely put forth in a clever way. Hushed things like rape, domestic violence, genital mutilation (circumstition of the clitoris), loneliness, orgasms, periods, and more!

The vagina monologues ends its run next week, so do catch it if you can *grin* Support local talent… this one’s truly a perfect ten in my book!!!



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4 responses to “The Vagina Monologues

  1. Nat

    U look great in that pix, and the play sounds intensely interesting. Are you going to catch Avenue Q?

  2. ning

    Ave Q is something I wanna catch but my crazy schedule’s a problem Nats… i miss you Queenies already!!!! 😦


  3. Tanat

    National Library… thats where I work! I know abt the Vagina Monologues, but I dont seem to haf enough time to watch it… or the money to book tix for it…

  4. Sabrina

    awww thanks sweety for coming to catch the play 🙂 and the lovely review 😉 glad ya enjoyed it xoxoxo erm was it as good for you as it was for me? *grins cheekily*

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