Razor TV exclusive 2-parter…

Check it out… our exclusive 2 part studio interview with Razor TV is finally out. Crank up your speakers and hit the ‘play’ button *grin*

As you can see on the SPH portal, the videos came up on Thursday evening but have already scored over 3,000 views! If you can’t watch the video clips from above, just click here for Part 1 & Part 2.

J C & I had fun with Helmy and Evon, the show’s two very loveable hosts. Besides chatting with them about work and personal things, we also showed them some interactive magic.

Oh yeah. If you’re in town, try to grab a copy of KUPON magazine. It features yours truly in a 2 page exclusive, as well as, a full one page on our recent mega illusion which saw both J C & I instantly teleport 3 muggles across the Singapore River in a never been done before attempt!



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3 responses to “Razor TV exclusive 2-parter…

  1. William

    it’s great reading about jc sum and you in all the different magazines. although each magazine shows some different part of you, one thing is for sure: both of you are super hot! keep it up!

  2. ning

    Thanks for that vote of confidence *grin* Do look us up on Facebook to be kept updated on the latest projects and things J C & I are up to 😀


  3. Jack

    don’t forget to count me in! i’ve become a big fan of yours ever since the megaescape. i agree with william. you are super hot! i don’t know about jc sum though.. :p

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