Oktoberfest @ Swiss Club

And just 15 minutes ago…


I know, i know, it really doesn’t take much to get me high!

Oktoberfest is here again and thanks to my buddy Boon, I managed to drag most of the Concept:Magic teammates down after work to party hearty. Thanks to Boon and company, we had free admission to the Swiss Club and we only had to pay for the booze. The food was fantastic… crispy pork knuckles… yum!!!

It was a really long day for us, having been in the office since morning settling paperwork PLUS our evening shows for Ultimate Magic. I still had a one gal show booking for my new solo stage show – Deadly Sexy Magic – right after the last show at The Arena. Check out my brand new promo video here.

The audience was really fantastic and I had fun with the crowd, though I was really tired from doing 3 back-to-back stage performances! Throwing my favorite red trench coat over my Magic Babe costume, it was off to join the rest of the fellas for Oktoberfest! Woohoo!!!

This is just the bunch of us C:Mers who could make it this evening… magic geeks will always be magic geeks. The guys were still doing magic jamming even after work! There’s just no hope for some people

Matthew fooled Mark badly with an impromptu magic effect and I’m quite impressed with my ability in capturing this wicked smile, though I was already high on booze and dancing like a mad woman. Ade kept looking at me with mild amusement as I totally killed my new shoes.

According to the guys, I also bipped J C on the head a couple of times trying out some wacky dance moves. Oops. Maybe that’s why he was looking so tormented in the very first picture above. Hee…………

That’s me and Mr Heinz P. Iten, still a crazy angmoh as always. Now with the Swiss House, we first knew each other almost 10 years ago when I worked part-time at Marche at The heeren, for pocket money after school. He remarked what a fine young woman I’ve turned out to be (er, thanks…) and just before we left, he picked me up and spun me in circles like the kiddo I was when I first joined F&B! He had no idea, but I nearly threw up. God, all that beer… (errrps)

Anyways! Just up above, is yours truly and Lee Choo… who still looks as sweet as ever. She was a team leader when I first joined the popular restaurant & was impressed with my natural linguistic and people skills. So I was made their resident greeter almost, because no one else liked to front the restaurant!

It was always a fun challenge trying to handle hungry people at the door who wanted to come in but the place was full. I remember it was very common for the queue to snake up all the way up the stairs on good nights & for some reason, I always had a knack of calming the patrons though I was like what… 16ish?!

The secret, which I’ve applied to EVERYTHING I do, is to simply find a way to have fun at work… good auras rub off easily and if you’re genuinely nice, people will know it. Radiate and… Carpe Diem!!!



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2 responses to “Oktoberfest @ Swiss Club

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  2. kenny

    seems like a real fun event, wished i could be there! and ning, thats one hot, hot video you got there! rated 5 stars for you. and your intern looks really amazed, what did your colleague do to him?!

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