Psychology of Evil

A dear friend of mine (a true smart cookie!) who studied Social Psych pointed out another interesting online lecture on (yes, yet again!).

This time round, it’s all about the psychology of evil, and how ordinary people are predisposed to be monsters or heroes. Trust me, it’s really fascinating stuff.

She did give me the heads-up that she didn’t quite reckon the talk as "inspiring" but "enlightening", since psychologist Zimbardo isn’t a very good public speaker & I agree with her that the man rambles breathlessly and fidgets too much, and doesn’t quite plan his time properly so he kinda rushes the end-part (which we both thought was most important!).

Anyway, I thought I’d share his insight with you cos — i think — it’s really what he said about monsters and heroes being "ordinary" people. And it’s a choice. See:

Anyway, speaking of SUPERHEROES… our kids edutainment company Mighty Magic Factory will be taking brand new professional studio photos in just a couple of days to revamp the current website.

Shawn and Sherman, AKA Captain Amazing and Agent 81, will also be taking new profile photos as they’ve got new costumes and side-kicks! Check out our fun-filled blog for more details.

Will Mighty Magic Factory’s Creative Director be doing a cameo yet again as a wholesome and cheerful Japanese sailor girl? *grin* Stay tuned to find out…


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  1. Joel Ng

    awesome, i’ll be forward and say that’s probably the cutest japanese sailor girl superhero i have ever seen! captain amazing; what are his super powers? nevertheless i’m sure they are all excellent as they reside under the resident Japanese Sailor Girl superhero Ning so, all’s safe and well in the land of MightyMagicFactory!

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