The blue screen of death!!!!!!!!

OMG. I encountered any tech geek’s worst nightmare…. a severe hard disk failure on my all important laptop NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……………………………………. *howls dramatically as she falls to her knees, camera craning up as gloomy sountrack plays*

Thank goodness just about everything related to work was backed up accordingly so it wasn’t too bad. my dear, darling Magic Boutique customers, please do not worry, do not fret… we still have all your data and orders will still come in smoothly as always.

What is truly tragic for me, however is that I’ve lost my entire music library and personal photo archive of friends, family, events, etc. *SIGH* Yes, it is a huge bummer!!! BOO!!!

But being the modern day independent geeky gal that I am, shopping for new gadgets really does make me feel a whole lot better. Yep, I decided to leave my Toshiba laptop at work (after getting it a brand new hard disk) so it can be a permanent work station for video editing, and I got me a brand new toy *grin*

Say hello to Honey, my new baby… 

Muaks!!!!! It was a tough choice between the MSI Wind & ASUS Eee PC 1000H, but I decided on the latter at the end. *happy sigh* Hello baby! Yes, I give names to my gadgets… deal with it!

They didn’t have stock for my favorite color pink, but their pure white looked just as pretty. More importantly, this 10 incher was just the right size for moi… since being the traveling road warrior toggling from home, the Concept:Magic studio, Clarke Quay, The Arena (where we perform Ultimate Magic – Singapore’s first permanent illusion show), external meetings and all, I practically cannot live without my laptop & it has to be with me every where I go!

You betcha… Magic Babe so totally loves her new toy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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