‘Magic Babe’ Ning: Deadly Sexy Magic

Yes we just accomplished South East Asia’s biggest mega illusion – The Impossible Journey, only but a few days ago and if you think we’re taking a break from our crazy schedule… think again!!!

This is just out (yes, we have clones and magic elves working for us… tadah!). Check out my latest promo video for my NEW one gal show on stage… Deadly Sexy Magic! Magic Babe does fire eating, escapes, magic and more!

You can simply click the viewer all the way up above to see my video, or check it out on YouTube! My previous one is still available for views and can be seen here. Right now at this moment… The latter, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning’s One Gal Show, has incredibly scored almost 39,000 hits! Thanks so much for the support *grin*

My stage character has grown with me every step of the way… and I’ve certainly enjoyed the process of my growth as Singapore’s only professional female magician and escape artist. People are always so quick to be judgemental and critical but that’s okay because as long as I feel I give my best as Magic Babe & my audiences enjoy themselves, it’s all good…

Please feel free to comment and rate my YouTube video! *grin*



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16 responses to “‘Magic Babe’ Ning: Deadly Sexy Magic

  1. Mel

    You’ve got big fans, Ning! Not just the 8 foot industrial fan in Arena.

    Just saw your video by the way, its really great stuff! Sexy and thrilling by the looks of it! Been waiting to see the new one for a while! Can i get a DVD of it?? 😉

  2. huimin

    Very very nice video, Ning! Clearly shows how Ning presents Deadly sexy magic. Haha

  3. wilson

    wahh.. the video is..what can i say.. totally sizzling hot!!!

  4. Jolene

    jealous! Jealous! JEALOUS! ning!! how does one be as sexy and yet crazily talented like you!!! haha, really so envious of you lor! my boyfriend was like totally drooling when i bought the vanilla magazine, idiot lor he!

  5. Jerome

    Awesome vid! Hot hot hot hot hot!!! No wonder the 16th sexiest voted by FHM Singapore! Looks like a great exciting show too.. If only i can see it live!

    PS. You definitely have got a big fan out there!

  6. Joshy

    Ning looks great in the video! How I wish I got the money to watch Ning for every show of the Ultimate Magic! Hahaha, then i get to see Ning everyday!

  7. Julie

    Woah! That video sure looks Hot! The magic that she does inside is great too! What a combination!

  8. george

    Ning looks so sexy in that video! The video clearly proves that Ning is the sexiest woman in magic. No doubt!

  9. Gin

    Ning, you’re hot in that video! Ning gets hotter with each work that she comes out with! Great work!

  10. GB

    Ning does fire eating? WOW! I really admire females who does this kind of stunts.

  11. teuq

    I love that video! So different from Ning’s old video. I showed it to my friends and they all also sang praises!

  12. Mandy

    You sure make us woman proud! I’ve heard about Ning really started out as a humble magician and how she is this a great magician in Singapore! Thats a very good example!

  13. Jedmire

    Nice video you have there ning! I was waiting for the new video and out its out. Hahaha, and I love it!

  14. bernard

    Great job Ning! I believe you will continue to soar ever higher. Keep working harder!

  15. Tanat

    Ning, all I can say is that you’re sizzling/smoking/blazing/flaming HOT!! And I seriously have never seen a woman eat fire at all. You look very cute and pretty in the HOT Stuff and Vanilla magazine… I think i gotta buy Vanilla asap 🙂

  16. ning

    Thanks everyone! See y’all at Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, Clarke Quay 😉


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