A Night on the Road with J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning

Check it out!

This footage is ALL from the night of 19 September (just very recently) and the roving camera follows yours truly & J C from our show Ultimate Magic @ The Area, to the Singapore Tourism Board’s inaugural Singapore River Festival official launch at Clarke Quay, and later at Central for a meet & greet cum autograph session, which also saw us doing what we do best… MAGIC!!!

Pop by our J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook site too, for more updates on what we’ve been up to! It’s constantly updated, so do bookmark the page *grin* Feel free to be a part of it… it also has links to all our websites, blogs and more.

Speaking of which… the mega illusionist himself is featured in the latest issue of FiRST magazine. You can get hold of the October issue from all good news stands or bookstores islandwide. Just see J C’s blog for a sneak peek on his exclusive interview. I really love the black and white photo… it’s real classy!

I just came back from tonight’s F1 Grand Prix Race at the Padang and man, was it crowded and noisy! You’d just go deaf if you didn’t have them earplugs on, seriously *wry grin* A couple of cars crashed but luckily no one was hurt. The world’s first night race was truly a great experience indeed. I went home happy because my favorite F1 driver – Fernando Alonso won!

Oh yum…



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11 responses to “A Night on the Road with J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning

  1. Jordan

    I like that video very much! Shows like what you and JC does in one whole day. Very interesting!

  2. clarence

    massaaaaaaaaa should have won!! wa ning, why we never support same one, or not got more things in common with you..lol. nice video by the way, you guys seem so friendly. real life also or bluff one? hahah..

  3. Joshy

    I like the video! I hope to see more of this kind of videos. Because get to see like what is happening backstage.

  4. ajir

    Ning went to catch the F1? Got take pictures there? Share with us lah

  5. Julie

    Oh yeah! I like this kind of video! Always interesting to watch for us.

  6. Jekkie

    Very nice video! I like this kind of videos alot. Shows the ‘off stage’ version of performers.

  7. Gin

    Interesting video. I hope to be able to see more of such videos. It should be fun filming it yea?

  8. GB

    Hahaha, i hope to see maybe got one documentary about you and JC’s work and magic. That will be interesting to watch.

  9. alan

    Wow! It appears to me that you and JC has quite a number of fans! Glad to see that you guys are being supported this strongly by the locals

  10. krunk83

    Hahaha, I didnt know Ning supports F1 too. Too bad I didnt see you from where I was sitting. If not we can have a good chat. Haha.

  11. Jedmire

    Hahaha, I think you should make more of such videos. Then can compile and make into a docummentary like that. Haha.

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