I’ve always being a huge Sarah McLachlan fan, so much so that you can betcha I’d be getting front row tickets for her concert if/ when she ever plays here in Singapore. This wonderful song of hers, Angel, suddenly came to mind after our last illusion show for the evening & I thought I’d share it.

The lyrics are meaningful and everything is just simply beautiful. Pretty much like the very important people in our lives.

It was actually a stressful day at work, with ‘fires’ to fight, last minute dire emergencies to handle & ridiculous project issues to settle besides the fun performing stuff. That’s show business for you. People assume that we just merely perform our shows and that’s all there is…  but there’s seriously so much more to it!

Sometimes I wish I could just be a performer where you’re so sheltered in only having to focus on the rehearsals & showtime, but that’s not going to happen in this reality *chuckle* Show biz is show biz… show & business. So it’s really the marriage of the two to achieve ultimate success.

Through the years, I’ve learnt so much from J C, who’s a fantastic mentor and friend. He’s a true genius when it comes to magic producing and illusion design & I certainly admire his brains and talent. You don’t meet so many driven professionals like him around! Just see Backstage Business, where he blogs about his projects and ideas.

Tonight, in quiet reflection, I realized that I’m so blessed because I’m surrounded by truly wonderful people who have been so tremendously supportive & encouraging. I am certainly thankful and grateful for their unselfish love and warm kindness. It definitely helped in every step I took to get to where I currently stand.

Thank you, thank you, thank you You may not know it, but you’re an angel.

PS: Okay, good things are meant to be shared and not kept to oneself… so here goes!

A smart cookie friend of mine just shared this remarkable site that’s all about ideas worth sharing. See for talks by inspiring thinkers from a wide variety of fields who have extremely interesting gems to share, which may benefit others. Trust me, it’s seriously worth a check out!

I especially enjoyed the fabulous talk by the very amazing, Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist like no other.



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2 responses to “Angels…

  1. Jem

    Never stop Ning! I just know that you can do it! You’ve come so far already!

  2. Aaron

    ning, do more of such posts. it feels nice to know that a celebrity is not only a celebrity, but also human as well, with feelings and emotions and apply to all of us common folk. 🙂

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