The Day After…

The Impossible Journey was just incredible. I think in my old age, I’d be still reminiscing how wickedly smooth everything went & yes, it’s something Singapore can be proud of! I’m still reeling from it. Gosh. What a privilege to present a part of magic history!

The Concept:Magic team has worked so hard to achieve the mega illusion’s success & it’s amazing how many emails have come flooding in just hours after we were broadcast on the news! Not only were there well-wishes from fans, there was also a whole stream of project inquiries from event producers and direct clients. Whoa.

Just check out the list of publicity J C & I got for this particular project alone:

Yep, besides being in Channel 5, Channel 8 & Channel News Asia ….we were also in today’s Chinese newspapers too:

Singapore Press Holding’s Lian He Zao Bao & Lian He Wan Bao!

See J C’s blog for more info about it, as well as, the tons of photos that the man’s just uploaded.

Speaking about J C… I swear, he’s the BEST boss ever. Because my mobile phone turned screwy, he offered to get me the new Apple iPhone I wanted because it costs a mere $49 bucks if he just continues his mobile phone contract with Singtel, the telco which exclusively carries it. At the store however, the staff informed us that the iPhone had 4 major flaws… no MMS, no bluetooh, no WiFi and it also cannot forward SMSes.


Okay, I so didn’t see that coming because I simply assumed that these would be really basic and practical things you’d need in a phone. Yikes!!!

So as lovely as it is, I just had to pass on the iPhone. BUT I still needed a swift replacement and I wasn’t going to leave the store after waiting for almost half an hour to be served! I decided on the new Samsung Omnia instead because I remember reading positive reviews about it during the recent tech launch & it does have that sexy sleek design that I totally dig.

Samsung’s Omnia obviously cost a lot more than the Apple iPod and I was going to make my purchase at the cashier when J C whipped out his credit card and BAM! The man beat me to it and shrugged it off by saying it was my reward for the kick@ss performance last evening. That was certainly nice and totally unexpected. Wow! The man is such a teddy bear!!!

I’m happy like a clam now. *grin* I’m meeting my beloved Queenies later this evening for drinks and desserts… it’s time to celebrate!!! I really miss the girls, it feels like so long since we last met though it was just some weeks ago. Heh.

PS: Check out our Facebook page, we’ve got some pretty cool things happening there



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4 responses to “The Day After…

  1. Johnny

    Haha, seems like there is a iphone craze. But I don’t think it is really worth the price. Always great to reward yourself after achieving something so great!

  2. Eric

    I saw that on the newspaper too! And seems like not only I like it, many others too! Well done magic babe

  3. Benni

    My friend was reading the newspaper and I mentioned to it bout the magic that you did. He was reading it and he regretted that he didn’t attend it. And I told him how great it was because I was there. Haha!

  4. MarchC

    Many media featured the impossible journey. And even till now, it is still on magazines! Seems like it is something that leaves a deep impression on us Singaporeans!

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