Many thanks to Jason for the photo, taken just after the end of the entire event!

That’s me in my new Magic Babe costume for the night… something a tad different from my usual bare back halter. Surprise, surprise!

Okay, to be honest, the black leather bustier top isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world seriously, but the corset push-up affect did look good. Yes, yes, the price of vanity. *wry grin* Just like deadly high heels, they are yummy looking but not too fabulous for comfort.

Ade would know. She kept asking me if I could still BREATHE as she tightly laced up the back straps of the tiny outfit for me as I grabbed a pillar (okay, it was really J C) for support as she yanked. Owww.

ANYWAYS! You saw it on the TV news yesterday. It was also on the newspapers today… and well, the much anticipated day has finally arrived. *AHEM*


Woohoo……. This evening was truly incredible! THOUSANDS of people flocked to witness our mega illusion… The Impossible Journey @ Central …with news cameras & reporters at the media stand as well! Best of all, I saw several familiar faces and my wonderful family came to show their support as well. I am so blessed! Check out the screen captures from the video currently at!

A little disclaimer first: This blog entry may sound a tad whiny cos I’m honestly feeling a tad fatigued. Honestly, besides having painful cramps (girls, you know how SUCKY that can be!), achey feet from all that walking back and forth, backaches and a stress headache, I’m also suffering from a lack of sleep because we all left very late last night. Well, this morning really, because I only went to bed around 5AM.

And then! The crazy whipping rain pelting against my windows woke me up a few short hours later & to my chagrin, a phone call came in soon after in the morning. The strong winds and rain damaged some important parts of the destination platform over at Read Bridge!!!! Oh, the horrors of horrors. To make matters worse, my HTC Touch started acting up too and people couldn’t hear me plus its touch screen went all awry, which was a huge cheese-off especially on such an important day. Oh man. I am so getting a new phone *growl*

So! Though still groggy from the lack of sleep, the Concept:Magic team headed down for damage control because there was STILL so much to do in so little time *chews on nails* There was some technical issues with the cabling so there wouldn’t be any problems with the audio/ video signals since this evening’s mega illusion practically spans from Central, across the Singapore River, to Read Bridge. All 250 meters away!!!

Can you believe it… Because of tricky logistical issues, the cameras were only linked LIVE to the screens on location, just mere minutes from when the event started. Geez… talk about close! There was still signal interferance to grapple with and all that. Heh.

Truly… If you just watched the show (which is part of STB’s Singapore River Festival during this F1 GP season) earlier LIVE, you’d only seen the glamourous bits but there was really SO MUCH work put into this to make everything a big success.

On a personal level, I’m honestly thrilled that us homegrown illusionists were able to present this huge magic event on a national level. *grin* Yes, while there are international new generation magicians who can truly blow people away… Singapore also has good local talent!

I received several text messages from friends and family who caught the one-off spectacular on the news (Channel 8, Channel 5, Channel News Asia, online, etc) & hey, if you missed it, check it out here right now on Xin.SG! The two of us were interviewed in both Mandarin & English accordingly, but it was all spliced together so you see J C speaking in Chinese and yours truly in English. Hahahaha…

In essence, the 3 selected shoppers from Central – Gerard, Crystal & Jocelyn, were vanished off the teleportation chambers at Central by J C & in just 2.5 seconds flat, appeared on the destination platform on Read Bridge by yours truly before we sent them on an Impossible Journey *wink* Please be patient as J C & I find time to put something together! Stay tuned to for updates.

Once the event was over, J C& I found ourselves swamped by hundreds of patient and polite fans who wanted photos, autographs and more but we had to break for awhile because we had media interviews to do and VIPs to meet! I met so many wonderful people, I felt overwhelmed really. People brought our postcards, posters, illusion cards, flyers and even magazines to sign. I remember autographing my picture in FHM’s100 sexiest women list where I’m #16.

what made my day really, was a specially handwritten card from someone *melts* Thanks so much!!!

It was close to midnight when we were all ready to leave and finally call it a night. Shawn & Sherman were fantastic in handling the AV aspects of the show but couldn’t stay for dinner/ supper because they had performances early the next morning for Mighty Magic Factory, our kids edutainment company. Matthew and Mark had prior engagements (well okay, it was really Matthew because he had to meet his girlfriend… er, fiance… and he was Mark’s ride home) so Larry, Ade, J C & I found ourselves eatting together again!

Far away from the maddening crowd, I suddenly realised that I only had one meal of the day this far until our food was served! Where did we go? Well, to our usual hang out of course because it’s one of the few places in town we know that opens till late *grin*

We’ll be celebrating tonight’s success sometime next week when we have a Concept:Magic night out during Oktoberfest, but tonight… we were relieved/ triumphant/ happy/ joyous/ etc/ etc that everything went smoothly and that we did our country proud! I guess our candid faces all reflect that…

YOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know… I just had to get it all out of my system *grin* I suppose if you don’t know me, you’d think I’m mighty aloof or cold because Magic Babe is one super cool cat who is always so confident and self-assured. But actually, I always like to play wan.

Being a woman rocks. I’m not afriad to use the 2 X-chromosomes I’ve got and I can swing on both ends… sexy glamor-puss OR corny girl next door!

Oh yeah. Coincidentally, I was also in today’s The New Paper. Had a few people texting me about it this morning when they saw my picture which took up like 3/4 of the page! Remember the Chantelle lingerie launch I blogged about @ St Regis? Well… TADAH!!!

Oh gawd… do I look cheeky. Truth was, I was totally enjoying myself and having fun *wink* I honestly do like their sexy French lingerie and I think I’ll probably head down to their boutique this weekend for some ‘me’ shopping Oops, I’m sorry… please don’t hold your breath waiting for pictures…



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  1. Hi Ning

    Great Show for last nite…I was the fella in white last nite during the autograph session.
    I was wowed with the performance JC and you did

    both of you gain my admiration towards magic…

  2. JinTen

    You guys done it! I was there and it was just great! Fantastic job!

  3. Aaron

    great job last night! it was the greatest magic show i’ve ever watched! btw, i wonder if there’ll be any fans of yours secretly waiting for you at the shop.. 😮

  4. Norman

    I will say, great job on it! I went to watch it yesterday. And oh my, it does look impossible!

  5. gaoman

    Congrats on your mega illusion! Had been looking forward to it since the day it has been announced. And I finally saw it yesterday. And I will say, I’ll still very amazed up till now!

  6. Hi Ning, i was the shy dude who brought along the FHM top 100 magazine last night. Indeed I was just as dumbfolded as everyone else, wondering how it’s even possible for teleportation to really occur. I have heard of your past performances, but never really had the time to attend any of them. Yesterday was the first time I saw both you and JC in person, and it won’t be the last time, that’s for sure! My main purpose of going is tosee the teleportation for myself, of course. Not only do I think you’re cute, you’re also… SCORCHING (blushes) :-p

  7. William

    nice pictures! anyway, you guys did a fantastic job yesterday! congrats!

  8. dodo

    I’m here just to say that what you and JC did was just great! I’ve seen nothing like this before, somemore right here in Singapore. Very well done!

  9. Ken S.

    the performance was really, really impressive i have to say. when jc teleported the 3 shoppers, it was really 2.5 seconds, which was damn, damn fast. they just vanished like that! then in a while, they reappeared over at the read bridge! how did that happen!!!

  10. Candice

    Congrats!!! that was really some performance! too bad i didnt catch it live lar, only saw it on the news. but it definitely looked very, very very impressive on tv! when is you and jc’s next event ning? i would really want to see you two perform in person!! All the best for now!!

  11. Jeremiah

    You certainly looked sexy on wednesday, even though i was looking at you from far. I have to say, the entire illusion had me and my friends simply astounded. We were like back in high school with the “Dude DID YOU JUST SEE THAT WTF HOW DID THAT HAPPEN” and stuff like that, so i can safely say you and Jc Sum have seriously impressed my friends and I. Keep it coming!


  12. Mandy

    That is something that I’ve yet to see before! I’ve never seen magic so big before. Thanks for bringing such great magic to us!

  13. benmin

    I admire you guys for doing that. It must had been not easy to be able to do something like this. And not all magicians can achieve it!

  14. zijian

    That magic was just awesome! I’ve never seen anything like that before. Thanks for showing us!

  15. Carni

    Well done Ning! That was like the most impressive thing I’ve seen in my life. Hope to be able to see more of such feats!

  16. Jem

    I was there, and I am here to say great job! I totally love it! I’m still wondering with my friends how you guys did it, haha!

  17. Jay

    It looked like real magic! I’ve not seen anything like this before. Previously all on television.

  18. Benni

    Great magic done by Ning and JC once again! From this, we can only expect even better things from you and jc again next time. Wonder what till be next

  19. Ahgui

    Everybody was impressed with the teleportation! A job very well done indeed! You and JC never fails to impress us!

  20. Daniel

    Although I was not there to witness it, I was able to catch it on some video on youtube. And my friends also told me about how great the magic was. Well done!

  21. Mark

    It was just great! I kept thinking how you guys do it but I just can’t figure it out! Great job!

  22. Jekkie

    Although the impossible journey has already passed by a week. But yet still I have friends talking about it! You guys must had done great!

  23. Ridwan

    The teleportation is nice nice nice! I was there and it was great! Shame on people who werent there! Haha!

  24. MarchC

    You guys make singaporeans proud! I’ve never seen singapore magicians do such big stuffs before. You guys are the first!

  25. Ernest

    Hey, I drop by to say, great job for the teleportation! My family was with me and they were very amazed by it! well done!

  26. krunk83

    I love the illusion that you guys did! It must had been a great achievement to you and JC! I’m proud of you guys!

  27. Jedmire

    I still can believe my eyes still! Hahaha, everything was too amazing. 3 people teleport in 2.5 seconds. Amazing!

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