3 days away to The Impossible Journey: Mega Illusion!

Oh man… it’s been completely INSANE here for the entire Concept:Magic team because of all the intensive preparations for The Impossible Journey!!!!! *wry grin* Presented by Central, click here for full details on the one-off spectacular… It’s a mega illusion that’s NEVER been done before and will not be repeated!

Besides being incredibly busy with our daily shows for Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, as well as, our ad hoc performance bookings… coupled with media interviews and photoshoots, and meet and greet/ appearances, there’s also SO MUCH to prep for next Wednesday’s mega illusion. I can’t believe how quickly time flies honestly. Yikes!

Anyways, do catch the two of us… J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning (yours truly) attempt to teleport 3 lucky Central shoppers from the shopping mall’s promenade ACROSS the iconic Singapore River TO the Read Bridge, all in just 2.5 seconds flat. Come on down  this 24 September at 7.30PM to be part of this LIVE experience!

This mega magic event is part of the government’s Singapore River Festival celebrations, held in conjunction with the F1 Grand Prix season… yes, the world’s first night race happens in Singapore! Woo-hoo!!! Check out the Singapore Tourism Board’s link above for more information about the inaugural event!

Okay… though it’s Sunday, it certainly ain’t no Sabbath for me and my team. Gosh, there’s just so much to do in so little time! We truly want to do our best because we want to do our country proud. This is the very FIRST time magic has been supported at such a high national level, and we take it as a great honor and terrific priviledge *grin* See ya next Wednesday!!!



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13 responses to “3 days away to The Impossible Journey: Mega Illusion!

  1. Jeean

    I am looking very much forward to the impossible journey! Haha, I wonder how every will be like. Fast forward time please!

  2. Opo

    I heard about the teleportation thing from my friend. I heard that it is going to be great, and I’m sure it wont be disappointing. Good luck for it!

  3. Jessica

    OMG! The impossible journey is coming soon! I hope i get picked!

  4. Germaine

    Tml is the day! hahaha, can’t wait already. I bet tml is going to be a blast!

  5. marlyn

    Seem like so many things for you to do. I’m sure tomorrow will be a great event right? I’m going to ask all my friends to go down to support.

  6. clarence

    nice, its coming soon. definitely wil be there to watch the whole thing go down man. ning keep up the good work! haha, hopefully i wont be too late after work to watch you guys teleporting people.

  7. patrick

    i truly wish you guys all the best, and that everything goes well on wednesday. the preparations for this must have been crazy, but hopefully you guys will see the fruitation of this event and once again, all the best!

  8. wilson

    surely the event must been taxing and crazily hard to prepare for. if everything goes well, you will have my respect and utmost admiration ning, as a sole female magician in singapore who can say she accomplish something so grand and of such a scale. good luck 🙂

  9. Jj

    So fast to the impossible journey already. Previously I was still waiting for it to happen but now it is going to take place already. Good luck to you guys!

  10. Max

    2.5 seconds just sound so impossible! How you guys going to do it? I guess I will need to be there to find out.

  11. Eugene

    I CANT WAITTT!! Tomorrow is the day already! I may not be able to sleep tonight! haha

  12. Seeseeha

    Seems like alot of work are going on for the preparing for this event. Sure to be going to be a huge event. Cant miss it, Sure to catch it!

  13. Joran

    See you guys later, hahaha. I think it will sure to be a great peformance. A few hours more!

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