Presenting… Larry the Escape Guy!

Check it out! Now available for viewing on YouTube, our very own professional entertainer Larry the Escape Guy has a brand new promo video from Concept:Magic, Singapore’s one and only full-service magic production house!

Our country’s sole professional Comedy Daredevil Magician, Larry spins a mean fire contact staff besides incorporating a unique Singaporean brand of comedy in his exciting escape stunts and amazing magic acts *grin* The lovable guy is truly our local "Jackie Chan of Magic"!

Oh yes, do look out for the current issue of iS Magazine which is available freely nationwide! The popular Singapore lifestyle mag features the mega illusionist himself, J C Sum, in an exclusive interview!

Besides touching on the upcoming mega illusion presented by Central, called The Impossible Journey which happens during the F1 Grand Prix season, J C shares some quirky inside info about himself too. So take a look at "60 Seconds with J C Sum" if you can to find out more about Mr Secretive!



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8 responses to “Presenting… Larry the Escape Guy!

  1. Jeean

    Is that the new talent? Wow, his show looks interesting. Hopefully will be able to see him in action real soon.

  2. Kendra

    The show is about escape and fire? Looks like very action packed those kind. Will watch out for him.

  3. Germaine

    Sounds like something new. I wonder how he combines escape and comedy together. Would love to see him perform soon.

  4. marlyn

    Comedy Daredevil Magician? I wonder how will that come together. The video looks like he can do so many things!

  5. marie

    heys..he quite handsome siax.. anyway to contact him lolx. anyways, the video was really funnie! haha, watched finished already i was luffing out loud lorx. keep it up larry! maybe i’ll be your no.1 fan someday lolxx…

  6. Jj

    Larry sure looks like a interesting performer. I wonder what more will we be seeing from him. But will love to watch him perform soon!

  7. Max

    My friend passed me a copy of that. I will say that it is very nice to read more about JC. Hope to see more of this kind.

  8. Eugene

    Larry the escape guy? Looks like a nice video he has over there. Will be hoping to see him perform soon!

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