The Arena + Singapore River Festival + The Central = One exhausted but happy Magic Babe!

What a night! Three was certainly the magic number for this evening once we left the Concept:Magic studio. We started the earlier part of our evening at The Arena @ Clarke Quay, where J C & I performed our one hour illusion show, Ultimate Magic, our country’s first permanent illusion show.

Because of backdraft, I had a bit of difficulty doing my fire eating act during the performance so yes, what I do is legitimately dangerous so PLEASE do not try to attempt anything like so unless you are a trained professional. As cautious and meticulous as we are, we get hurt sometimes too, even with precautions!

Once done with our gig at the club, J C & I headed over to the specially done up floating stage which the Singapore Tourism Board had put up at the iconic Singapore River. This event was to kick-start the official Singapore River Festival 2008 during this F1 Grand Prix season, which also sees J C & I both attempt The Impossible Journey!

Happening just next Wed nite @ 7.30PM at Central, J C & I will attempt to teleport 3 lucky Central shoppers from the mall’s promenade, across the river, over to Read Bridge… all in just 2.5 seconds flat! Does that sound incredible? You betcha! This has NEVER been done before!!! *grin*

We were invited to introduce the illusion and talk more about it, as well as, do a little presentation this evening at the event graced by an important member of parliment & hosted by one of my favorite local stage thespians, Pamela Oei. Here’s a couple of pictures of J C & yours truly doing what we do best…

Hundreds of people (VIPs, sponsors, media, etc.) were watching us and the ‘live’ camera feed reached out to those watching from across the river too! J C & I received a fantastic response from the audience and later posed for some photos for the media, as well as, with some fans. However, before we could soak up the atmosphere, we were briskly led to Central where we had to quickly prep for what’s to come next…

Hordes of shoppers at Central were already waiting for both J C & yours truly to make an appearance on stage! We were slated to do a meet & greet cum performance, as well as, an autograph signing and photo-taking session at the large mall managed by Far East Organization.

Besides performing, we also played some Q&A games with the audience. It’s funny because J C & I never even scripted for the show, it was all simply just ad hoc. So was the questions, it was all unplanned for so I practically guffawed when my onstage partner actually asked for someone to name any two publications I’ve been on!

And wow… there was someone in the audience who lept to stage, surprising us from behind, when he said with confidence – Magic Babe is featured in this month’s issue of HOT STUFF magazine, as well as, October’s issue (now out) of FHM Singapore! *grin* Nicely done!

We had to reward the sweetheart of course… He went home with a copy of Street Illusions, which sold it’s first run here in both Singapore & Malaysia. The DVD consists of all the MediaCorp footage on Channel 8’s 欢乐巅峰 (Top Fun), which featured J C’s street magic specials. Everyone who participated took back a prize and yes, we had good fun!

J C blew everyone away with his wicked fork bending routine & you could hear the audible gasps from those watching when they witnessed him levitating a heavy wooden table. I performed my Straightjacket Striptease act (think Harry Houdini meets the Pussycat Dolls!), as well as, a psychological illusion that had me read the mind of a random spectator.

So after hogging the stage for over half an hour, it was time for the two of us to thank everyone and begin the slated autographing session at the tables specially brought up for us. We enjoyed speaking to the long queue of shoppers who politely formed a queue that Central’s team managed to ensure that the flow was swift.

So that’s us autographing posters and the best bit was that after looking up, I suddenly realised Uncle Dan came down with son, Ryan & his pretty wife, my Aunty Madeline. Best of all, because it was so unexpected… Mom & Dad were there too!!!!

MM Lee & MD Chua (Magician’s Mother Lee and Magician’s Daddy Chua) were patiently waiting for the line to ease and that’s when they flashed me their grins. Oh man…. My heart felt like bursting *grin* It felt so good knowing they took the time and effort to come!

Dad was his wacky humorous self as usual, pointing out that he preferred his autographed poster signed in his name and not as "Dad" *LOL* The man is such a teddy bear. I think I inherited my kooky sense of humor from him, I swear.

When everything was finally wrapped up, we left close to midnight for our usual supper place. Shawn & Sherman left for the studio to return the props while Matt had to send a friend back. So it was just J C, Adeline, Larry and yours truly, off to get some dinner because we were practically famished!!!

So it was one last photo with the huge banner Central prepared for us as a backdrop for the stage signing before saying our final goodbyes…

…To be honest, I couldn’t wait to kick off my heels man. After walking in them all day, my feet were hurting big time!!!

Traffic was pretty slick for a Friday night after we wrangled our way out of the jam at Clarke Quay and we reached the cafe in no time. While waiting for our food to be served, the four of us started discussing about The Impossible Journey because there’s just SO MUCH to do but SO LITTLE time!!! *tries to stop nervous twitch in left eye*

So to destress a little, I whipped out my camera since it’s my visual diary in a way and started snapping away… You know, while J C Sum and Magic Babe are glamourous on stage, the real people behind the personalities are fun loving magic geeks really.

Just like any other typical person, we like to have fun. And for me, well, I always like to play Life’s just way too short to act pompous!

Off camera, Ade giggles as the guys pull funny faces for my camera…

The fellas do an impersonation of a ‘chao’ Ah Beng while waiting for the food to come.

Larry: "Wah lan ey… why they make us wait so long. Hungry leh!"

J C: "Si bei sian! And no chio bu waitresses some more. Haiz."

…Our lychee coolers arrive first and the OCD guys run an eyeball to eyeball quality control check!

Me being me, I couldn’t sit still for long and that’s when I started to do a little magic spoon bending with the cutlery, just for fun!

TADAH!!! Now let this be a stern warning to guys who piss me off… *howls in manical, evil laughter*


Larry and I ordered the same thing… Beef Hor Fun, which was the very first dish to arrive! Yes, I had to have my fix of cow for the day… YUM!

You’d probably notice he’s got a white bandage on. That was from a super nasty gash Larry received just last week in a freak accident that made our work space look like a CSI crime scene with the red blood splatters and everything. That was the also day (which I’d never imagined) when I found myself in the gents with 3 men.

Look, it wasn’t anything kinky. It was really quite a dramatic moment with Sean holding down the tap as J C tended to Larry, as I feebly tried to comfort my friend as Matt ran to get some warm water cos the poor thing was in shock. You can read the details from his blog here. We’re lucky the accident happened in between our shows at Arena!

Well, what can I say… the man really loves his Mee Goreng! Haha!

It was past 1AM when we finally left the cafe. It’s been such a long day with us shuffling from different places and everything but I don’t feel the least bit weary actually. Physically exhausted yes, but my spirits were soaring! I guess that’s because I truly LOVE what I’m doing. Work doesn’t feel like work when you’re enjoying it and having fun! Allow yourself the simple pleasures in life *wink*

Though I’m supposed to be stressed and PMSing, I’ve been in a very happy mood recently… plus, Jason Mraz’s "I’m Yours" is practically stuck in my head. I completely love the song; besides the fact that it is so catchy it’d grow on you, it’s just so lighthearted and groovy *grin*

PS: Do check out J C’s blog for more info on 24 September’s Mega Illusion… The impossible Journey. I hope to see you there!!!



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9 responses to “The Arena + Singapore River Festival + The Central = One exhausted but happy Magic Babe!

  1. mabes

    there you go babe. your fantabulous night and meet&greet session. 🙂 happy that everythin worked out!

  2. Jeean

    Wow, seems like alot happened! So many people attended as well! You guys are getting so famous now.

  3. Kauer

    I was there and it was nice of you guys to have a meet and greet session. Haha, you guys are so great and friendly. Hope to be seeing you and Jc again!

  4. Kendra

    That is some nice stuffs going on over there! Haha, my friend was there and told me you were just so friendly in person. I hope to be able to meet you sometime. Haha!

  5. Jiajia

    Looks like alot happened~ But damn, I wasnt there. =( But my friend attended and told me that it was fantastic!

  6. marlyn

    Seems like it was a long long day for you. Isnt it tiring? Haha, but after all you’re Ning right?

  7. Jj

    Very funny pictures you have there! That is what keeps your blog so interesting. Continue to post more pictures yea?

  8. Max

    I should had been there to join in the fun! Oh damn, its ok. Tomorrow is the impossible journey already!

  9. Eugene

    I was there! Hahaha, and it was real fun meeting you guys. Hopefully there are more of this kind of events. I’m hoping!

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