Magic Babe’s biggest (craziest) fan…

Stepping into the Concept:Magic studio early this morning because we had another scheduled media interview and photo shoot, I found a surprise package waiting for me on my office desk which the guys said was delivered by a courier guy who just left.

There was a very pretty birthday card addressed to me (but sweetie, my birthday is only next month, on Oct 16!) and it was mysteriously signed off by someone who simply called himself/ herself/ themselves, my biggest fan.

I really don’t know if I was supposed to wait till my birthday to open it but just like any typical happy kid at Christmas, I gleefully peeled open the seal as Shawn wryly commented that it must cost a bomb because whatever it is, it’s in a new Skin Couture shopping bag.

To be honest, I’m not very big on fashion (Nats & Mabes are the fashionistas in my clique so I never ever have to worry about not knowing what’s in season, with them Queenies around) so apparently, Skin Couture = branded and expensive because it’s the hottest fashion trends from Hollywood, New York and Japan!

Phew. Okaaaaaaay…


It’s from Ed Hardy which Mark, our new intern, said definitely costs way over S$500.00! The guys all turned to look at him, jaw slack open as I bellowed "NO WAY!!!!" so the resourceful man showed it to us at their US website here. Geez. US$341.00 and not yet counting shipping I guess we should’ve simply believed Mark since he’s the one wearing an Ed Hardy cap too.

But what I’m really reeling is that cost aside, the purple suede/ leather "Death or Glory" tote bag is reeeeeeeeeally awesomely cool and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I’ve always loved skulls and all things goth, so this is truly GORGEOUS to me.

Yep, I’m a very happy, lucky chick. And to whoever you are… YOU’RE INSANE!!!! But thank you so much, you’re an angel!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

On a side note, J C got something from a fan as well, which he’s really proud of… TADAH!


Just kidding. He bought the box of mentos himself!



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9 responses to “Magic Babe’s biggest (craziest) fan…

  1. Jennifer

    OMG! Somebody bought that for you? What a fan! Somemore it is so expensive!

  2. Randy

    Wow, thats really a great fan you have over there. I bet the person must had been preparing it for a long time, hahaha, even got the wrong day for birthday.

  3. benjamin

    Wow, it is great to have such a fan. What a hardcore fan! Haha, Ning must have had caught the person’s attentions so much.

  4. William

    my goodness! what an expensive bag! you’re really popular!

  5. torn

    Wow, that looks expensive! I’m sure Ning is very happy to recieve such a early birhtday present. I wonder how many more of these Ning will recieve. haha.

  6. Pete

    Wow, that bag is really pretty new. i think that’s the new fall range of ed hardy stuff, so you’re in luck ning. haha. and also, good luck for the event on wednesday, i’ve heard about it and i’ll definitely be there to support you!

  7. Hun

    Thats a very nice bag your have over there! Hahaha, so good to have such fans to give your such presents. I’m sure the person who gave you that will also be happy since u like it.

  8. Jiajia

    Nice bag! The person who gave it to you must had been in so much love with you Ning. Haha!

  9. Jj

    That bag is so expensive lah! Maybe he just wants to give you a preview of the gift. Haha! The real bday present maybe even better!

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