Ultimate Magic now on ZO Cards!

After our last performance of Ultimate Magic at The Arena this evening for a very hearty crowd, the bunch of us were heading home when we noticed something pretty interesting at Liang Court.

So being the pathetic magic geeks that we were, we just HAD to do this…

Hee hee hee… It completely reminds us of our specially designed illusion, Crystal Metamorphosis!

Anyways, FYI, we’re also out on ZO CARDS available freely nationwide. The postcards look really good and I’ve had a few friends telling me how they’d ‘koped’ a few and are giving it away to their co-workers and buddies *grin* Do keep a look out for them!



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6 responses to “Ultimate Magic now on ZO Cards!

  1. Kelvin

    ZO Cards? Those looks cool… Is there anywhere that we can get them?

  2. Gen938

    Those are post cards right? They look very cool! My friends will be happy if they were to recieve such post cards. Haha

  3. Ningfan01

    Those are cool! You guys looks great on it! Will it be available at Ultimate Magic?

  4. William

    where can i find these cards? it looks really nice.. i think these cards are really good advertisement! who knows, you might even become popular abroad!

  5. torn

    Those look very cool! I want to get a bunch of them! I’m sure my friends will be very happy to recieve them.

  6. Ken S.

    Hey are those postcards included as a prize for winning this thing? http://www.jcsum.com/win.html

    Anyways really nice looking ZO cards! you guys are so famous now, lol. hopefully i win that goodie bag on JC’s website. 🙂

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