Official launch of Chantelle lingerie @ St Regis

Ménage à trois… A French Affair…

After a rather lengthy but enjoyable media interview with a senior reporter and photographer from 联合早报 (Lian He Zao Bao) this morning at The Arena, where J C & I performing every evening, the two of us headed to St Regis for the official launch of a popular French lingerie label, Chantelle.

Sweet, bubbly champagne was served to us and we met many familiar faces. I had fun catching up with people I knew and those I lost touch with. J C rolled his eyes and commented that it seemed like I knew everyone. LOL! It just so happened, really.

After being personally ushered into the beautiful hall at the glamorous five star hotel because we were the ‘celebrity magicians’, J C & I quickly realised that we had the best VIP seats in the house… just right in front of the stylish modeling runway!

In fact, I found myself seated next to Channel News Asia’s producer presenters, Timothy Go & Melissa Hyak, who are truly wonderful people. They good naturedly asked us to teleport them back to the MediaCorp studio after the show because they we afraid of running late. LOL!

I really enjoyed the lingerie show. From the saliva tsunami coming from J C beside me, I think he did too *grin* Just kidding!

It was tasteful, professional and well-put together & it actually made me feel like buying sexy lingerie from Chantelle already… regardless even if I didn’t have anyone to uhm… "enjoy" it with. Wuahahahahaha…

You can see all the photos here. Okay, I gotta go… Miss Ning is one very busy woman Oh yeahhhh…



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4 responses to “Official launch of Chantelle lingerie @ St Regis

  1. kelvin

    Looks like a hot event! Who won’t want to be in a lingerie show like that? Haha, sounds like you guys had much fun

  2. Gen938

    Another media interview for Ning? Thats great, means that we will be seeing Ning in the papers again. I wonder this time what is it about.

  3. Ningfan01

    Wow, those models look hot. Hahah, but I’m sure Ning will sure to look hotter. Ning get to pose with the hunks, how come don’t have a picture of JC and the babes?

  4. quentin

    ning i bet those models you with are gay man! i’ll be at your Arena show tomorrow at 7pm. Hopefully i can get a word in and then maybe something might happen from there.

    Best of Luck!

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