Featured again in yesterday’s ST Life & Lian He Zao Bao!

J C appeared in the news again in a generous half-page section on yesterday’s Straits Times Life!

In the Sunday Plus entertainment section, “Stuff I Love” features a couple of his fave things and then some. There was actually a couple more creative and interesting belongings that he showed off during the photoshoot & interview but I guess they wanted more generic things that the typical person (read: muggle) would see and understand. Heh.

Check it out!

We were also on Sunday’s LHZB newspaper…  the report covered on what’s happening during the upcoming F1 Grand Prix season & J C and I had a pretty significant chunk in the full one pager, coupled with a really nice picture (taken during the STB Media Party) with a short write-up! The Impossible Journey‘s listed down there as #1!

This is going to be one super duper busy week for us… this Friday sees J C& I busy with another STB event for the masses, as well as, our participation in Central’s Late Night Shopping festivities on 19 Sep. The two of us will be at the mall signing posters, taking photos and interacting with shoppers… so please, do swing by if you’re free that night. *grin*

I hope to see you there!



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6 responses to “Featured again in yesterday’s ST Life & Lian He Zao Bao!

  1. freddy

    Two things to look forward to! F1 and the impossible journey! I simply can’t wait already, can someone speed up time? Haha!

  2. jeremy

    i’ll definitely be there gorgeous!

  3. Royce

    Oh! I didnt know that JC uses those. Hahaha, nice to know. Magicians are like us as well!

  4. Aaron

    the bottom one is from the chinese newspaper? gosh, i probably haven’t read the chinese newspaper for years! it looks so funky and interesting!

  5. bitejuice

    I saw that on the newspaper. Hahha, a very interesting read indeed. Looking forward to the impossible journey!

  6. Xuan Min

    Already can’t wait for the impossible journey. Maybe I’ll get picked. Wish me luck!

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