STB Media Party @ Cavenagh Bridge

What a whirl!!!!!!!!!! This evening, when we were done with the last show of Ultimate Magic for the day at Arena, Matt drove us down to Cavenagh Bridge where the Singapore Tourism Board was hosting a kickass party of the media. Yes, on a bridge over the water! *grin*

This was to promote the Singapore River Festival, happening in the upcoming F1 GP season! The evening of 24 Sep 2008 sees us, J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, teleport 3 shoppers from Central across the iconic river in just 2.5 seconds.

Yes, not only has this NEVER been done before, THE IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY is also a once in a lifetime MEGA ILLUSION so don’t miss it!

The rest of the Concept:Magic team was already at the venue with everything efficiently set up for us. In just minutes of hooking up our mics, J C & I were called up to stage for our special performance which was the highlight of the evening!

The space surrounding the stage was suddenly all swamped and we had everyone eating out of our hands. Heh heh heh. Everyone was just raving about our performed illusion, and one of my personal favorites… Light & Space.

Best of all, we weren’t even scripted. J C & I just bounced lines off each other, with that now perfect on-stage chemistry and energy. We certainly captivated everyone’s attention because they were just stunned by the speedy disappearance and appearance in the show we professionally put up. No one could have guessed how weary we were since our day started early and we’d just came from another show!

Once off stage, people were grabbing to talk to us, taking photos and I also got another media invite. This time round, to be part of the launch of an established French women’s lingerie brand here in Singapore. Yum. I so, so love lingerie! I really think it’s just one of the best things a woman can buy herself *grin*

Anyways, check out J C’s blog for photos from tonight’s STB media party. Also, look out for the official STB River Festival Guides enclosed with the current issue of iS magazine freely available nationwide. We’re listed on the very FIRST page!

See you on the 24 of September!!!!



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5 responses to “STB Media Party @ Cavenagh Bridge

  1. jiming

    wa wasted la ning!! @_@ why only media get to see that illusion..i would like to see it too! haha, and see you of course..

  2. benben

    I think somebody took the light and space video and post it on youtube. It looked great! Good thing somebody took it on video or I’ll miss it! x.x

  3. opposite39

    Dun worry! I think it is not youtube already jiming! I saw it. Haha, just do a search on it bah!

  4. Humin

    I think JC blog about it as well. Haha, although we didnt get to see it, good thing at least there is a video out there. Looks like the audiences enjoyed it very much!

  5. viciousjen

    I’ll be there to witness the impossible journey! It looks like one heck of a event will be happening. No way I’m going to miss it!

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