Magic Babe’s Urban Life

TADAH!!!! Today’s an interesting double whammy – I’m featured in ST Life‘s main page and a half page feature, as well as, in URBAN‘s The Bag Page. A big thank you to the people who noticed it and bothered to text me this morning. I woke up to the flurry of SMSes!

This is me in my fave boho dress which I bought from Central, and my Karen Millen classy leather bag that is only one of two in Singapore!

…I purchased the stylish black leather bag a few months ago at Wisma when I was out shopping with Mabes & I really love it cos it reminds me of Felix the Cat’s magic bag. It could store all sorts of funky, magical things despite its smallish appearance!

There was a large assortment of things I had in my bag (typical for any girl I suppose!) so they picked the seven featured items above. The Joe Porper card guard was my birthday gift from Peter Tan last year, and he had my name engraved in it… so I could never ever sell the clip on EBay. Wuahahahahaa… just kidding. Pete’s a great friend and extremely learned magician!

Hehehehe… this was the Concept:Magic team just earlier this week, hanging out at my fave Japanese restaurant at Central. Located on the ground floor, Sun & Moon has some really fabulous desserts (YUM) and I totally dig their rainbow sushi roll… it’s a must try at the restaurant by the river!

That was us reacting to a wicked card routine Matthew performed for the reporter after downing some very lethal sake. Shawn & Sherman were there too but weren’t captured in the pictures. I got high after just a wee bit of hot and cold sake, which isn’t surprising to the fellas anymore. SIGH!!!! I have such sucky alcohol tolerence!!!!

The veteran reporter did a great job and I felt that the photographer also did an excellent job of capturing the essence of the moment. They had fun too, because we performed some close-up/ street magic just for their benefit. I did a mind reading psychological illusion on the reporter, which caught him totally off guard and left him and his colleague scratching their heads.

Oh yes, I’ll be in next week’s issue of The Straits Time’s Mind Your Body supplement, in their Fit & Fab page… so do look out for it on Thursday!



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2 responses to “Magic Babe’s Urban Life

  1. jane

    wow you go girl!! a hot and clever talented babe all at once, damn amazing lar…

  2. jerome

    Haha, Ning gets drunk easily? Haha, i didint know that. Interesting read by the way.

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