Lian He Wan Bao: Singapore’s celebrity magicians!

TADAH!!!! That’s the two of us on this evening’s issue of Lian He Wan Bao… the well-read local Chinese newspapers even featured yours truly on their front page (I guess they really liked Magic Babe‘s costume… heh) *grin*

The feature made J C’s day because LHWB called him handsome and good lookin’ I really like the pictures of us together… it gives good context to the report really.

So yes! Start shopping at Central right now to be a part of the Singapore Tourism Board’s Singapore River Festival mega illusion… THE IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY! In a first of its kind attempt, J C & I will instantly teleport 3 lucky shoppers across the iconic Singapore River!

How instant is instant? Well, it’d all be done in just 2.5 seconds flat over a great distance! Having said that… please mark your calendars because this one-off event happens on the evening of 7.30pm on 24 Sep @ Central!

I hope to see you there…



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11 responses to “Lian He Wan Bao: Singapore’s celebrity magicians!

  1. joshua

    Don’t know if I am lucky enough to get picked for the impossible journey. It should be fun to get teleported across the river. Looking forward to it!

  2. Beno

    I wonder how is it possible to travel over the river in just 2.5 seconds. Just sounds so impossible! Can’t wait to see it live in action.

  3. Louis

    Nice to hear that you guys are getting features to promote the impossible journey as well. I am very excited for the impossible journy. Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Gingin

    It sounds so impossible to teleport across so fast! 2.5 seconds? Magic is sure so interesting. Makes me wonder everytime who each thing is done.

  5. Jack

    erm, chinese again? :p are there any features of you on new paper or straits times? do inform if there are any of such articles! i’ll be looking forward to them.

  6. frankie

    Yeah! Ning is featured on newspaper again! I always cut out on collect the cuttings that Ning is on. I’m going to do like a collection!

  7. Benjamin

    Looking forward to the impossible journey very much! I think this going to be a big event for sure. Going to inform all my friends about it so they wont miss it.

  8. daniel N.

    seems like you and jc are both up and coming! not to mention you are hot as hell man.

  9. Vicky

    Hey girl,
    actually saw you at the first screening of WWLW at Bianco, at Mox (when it was still around) sometime last year, and I thought you looked awfully familiar. Then I realised we were on the same bus when we were in Primary/Secondary school. Ah Seng, i think *grins* Drop me a note if you want to catch up.

  10. Shushu

    I can just hardly wait for the teleportation to happen. Maybe I’ll be able to get picked for the teleportation. Like once in a lifetime chance!

  11. Jack

    hey i saw an article on straits times too! you’re definitely popular! i’m really looking forward to riverfest! f1 races, and the greatest magic event in asia!

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