Magic Babe turns Gadget Girl…

Check it out… that’s yours truly with some of her funky new gadgets in today’s copy of  WO BAO, also known as, My Paper.

The interview happened last month at Central, where I basically flaunted the latest techie toys I had! Happy reading… it’s in mandarin… hehehe…

Anyways! In case you missed this issue of Singapore’s only free bilingual tabloid newspaper, you can read the contents online on the paper’s page number B14

The link above should take you there, but you can always see

This week’s going to be pretty incredible. Stay tuned to the media and this humble blog – J C & I will be constantly in the news because of our large-scale magic participation in the upcoming Singapore F1 Grand Prix season!



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7 responses to “Magic Babe turns Gadget Girl…

  1. joshua

    Nice to see Ning sharing her gadgets. I’ve always wondered what ning will carry around when she is not doing magic. Nice pink stuffs by the way, haha!

  2. Beno

    I didnt know that Ning likes pink. Haha, I thought Ning is the cool cool kind of girls that goes for black. At least that is what I see on stage. Haha

  3. Louis

    Ning actually likes pink? Wow, i thought Ning those kind of girls that go for the cool cool stuffs. Ning has a super girly side as well.

  4. Gingin

    I didnt know Ning carries such cool gadgets too. Looks like Ning is into gadgets too. Interesting read!

  5. Jack

    i see.. no wonder my colleagues were fighting over the paper today. unluickily i don’t read much chinese, so i am unable to comprehend an article from a chinese paper..

  6. frankie

    Didnt know Ning is so into this kind of techy stuffs as well. Ning should take more photos for your blog! Haha, thanks for sharing!

  7. Roarer

    A very interesting read! Shows us what Ning carries around. At least we know what kind of things you like now.

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